Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6080

When Bruce Weinstein arrived at the hotel, Gustavo’s men had already got the news in advance and waited here, and when they saw him arrive, they respectfully sent him to the presidential suite on the top floor.

The two Miss Worlds, who had flown over from Latin America, had also been waiting here for a long time.

Both were dressed in very revealing cosplay costumes, one playing the role of a maid who was obedient to her master, while the other played the role of a coy and submissive female prisoner.

The moment Bruce Weinstein entered the door, the two of them immediately surrounded him, and the maid said in a fluffy and charming voice, “Honourable master, you’re back!”

And that female prisoner said with a slightly nervous voice: “Warden …… Warden Lord …… you …… you’re back! ……”

This performance of the two immediately made Bruce Weinstein feel his blood spurting. Although he was also a veteran of the love scene who had seen a lot, he had never experienced it in such a high quality field.

At this moment, the two beauties in front of him were unrivalled, and the presidential suite they were in was also luxurious, coupled with the attentive attire and seductive charm of the two beauties, it immediately gave him a strong urge.

This impulse does not matter, he can immediately feel his body as if suddenly activated generally, immediately fighting spirit.

The two beauties also leaned forward at that moment, one on the left and one on the right, one taking off Bruce Weinstein’s jacket for him, while the other helped him unbuckle his belt.

Two people’s action is full of teasing, eyes are with full electric light, straight to Bruce Weinstein excited body as if over the electricity general tingling.

He can no longer hold back at this moment, three times will be his own clothes off a clean, that the male high appearance, let two see more eat more beauty is also tsk tsk.

Bruce Weinstein was also stunned by his far superior state today.

People say that the most familiar with a person is only himself, Bruce Weinstein is no exception, he knows very well where his shortcomings, mainly is a little bit older, that aspect of the ability to greatly reduced, just like a somewhat old car, it is not impossible to start, just start up more troublesome, aging starter motor with the belt has been slackened, it takes a little bit of effort to ignite, and not immediately after ignition, you can step on the accelerator to accelerate, cold start, but also need to stop in place, the first time to start up, the first time to start up, the first time to start up. Moreover, it is not possible to step on the accelerator immediately after starting the car, but when starting the car from cold, it is necessary to stop the car in place and slowly maintain the engine running, until the water temperature slowly comes up and the oil is lubricated, then the car can be really put into gear and start.

However, today’s situation is completely different.

Today, he felt like from the worn out old car, all of a sudden upgraded to the top of the new energy, before also ignition difficulties and have to warm up the car in place, now directly even ignition steps are omitted, gently kick can kick out a thousand horse super power, zero hundred acceleration even do not have to use a second!

Bruce Weinstein also knows that this is obviously not his own strength, even when he was eighteen years old, there is no such surging power.

However, right now there were two hot and sexy big beauties waiting for him to gallop to his heart’s content, so he couldn’t care less, and with his arms around the two women, he smiled and asked them, “Beauties, where is the biggest bedroom? Quickly take me there!”