Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6079

With Gustavo’s face on the line, Lucas quickly packed up his personal belongings as well, and moved to the cell Ye Chen was in near the end of his release.

When Gustavo arrived at Ye Chen’s cell, the first words that came out of his mouth were, “Crap, Mr Ye, why is your cell so clean?”

The crowd of cellmates couldn’t help but look at each other in disbelief, recalling the pain of today’s cleaning, one by one, it was still fresh in their minds.

Ye Chen smiled faintly at this moment and spoke, “In this cell, hygiene is the most important assessment indicator, I don’t care if they came in because of burning and looting outside, or because of sexual assault and fraud, in this cell, if anyone dares to have any hint of unhygienic behaviour, I will make him pay the price of blood.”

Saying that, Ye Chen looked towards Gustavo and said solemnly, “The same goes for you.”

Gustavo didn’t dare to be disobedient in any way, and flusteredly assured, “Don’t worry, Mr Ye, I will strictly carry out all your instructions!”

For Gustavo, right now, if he wanted to live, he had to rely on Ye Chen, in this situation, he didn’t dare to be half pretentious in front of Ye Chen.

Seeing that Ye Chen’s cell was simple except for its cleanliness, he immediately said to Ye Chen attentively, “Mr Ye, I spent at least 200,000 US dollars on Bruce Weinstein tonight, yes. This guy owes me a favour, if you need anything, just mention it to him, he definitely wouldn’t dare to say more than half a word!”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Did you want two hundred thousand dollars for those two Miss Worlds tonight?”

Gustavo said in a meaty voice, “Both of them are specially flown over, each one costs tens of thousands of dollars a night, the room will cost tens of thousands of dollars again, plus first class air tickets and such, two hundred thousand dollars is a conservative estimate.”

Saying that, Gustavo cursed and said, “Bruce Weinstein is actually a small character, it’s just that we just happen to be in his jurisdiction, with his segment, he simply doesn’t deserve to enjoy such a high-end service, tonight he is considered to have hit the big time.”

Ye Chen said with a smile, “I don’t think it’s necessarily true, although the beauty is very expensive, but it’s very likely that it’s not blessed to be able to enjoy it.”

“Is that so?” Gustavo asked curiously, “Mr Ye, why do you say that?”

Ye Chen looked at Gustavo and laughed, “It won’t be long before Bruce Weinstein suffers the darkest night of his life, he will definitely bump into walls everywhere in New York like a headless fly, and in the end, he will have no choice but to come to me and ask for help.”

Gustavo asked in disbelief, “He went to play with two women, what else is there that he needs your help with?”

Ye Chen smiled in a mysterious manner, “Wait and you’ll know.”

Saying that, Ye Chen came to his own bed and lay down, smoothly took out his mobile phone and switched it on, told Chen Zhaozhong his general situation on WeChat, and then began to patiently wait for Warden Bruce Weinstein’s call.

At this time, Bruce Weinstein, just arrived at the Aman Hotel in the centre of New York.

Here, in the heart of Manhattan, is the highest priced hotel in all of New York.

And what Gustavo has reserved here tonight is still the most expensive presidential suite in the entire hotel, with a room costing tens of thousands of dollars for one night.

Originally, Gustavo was planning to have a good time indulging here tonight, but he didn’t expect that it would all be cheaper for Bruce Weinstein.