Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6078

Before, Ye Chen suddenly got involved in the matter between Gustavo and Joseph, although Lucas was worried in his heart, he didn’t dare to go up and ask what was going on, seeing that Ye Chen had just left with Gustavo and then came back together, it didn’t seem like there was any contradiction or danger, so he plucked up the courage to go up and ask.

Ye Chen felt that he was quite resourceful, so he smiled and said, “Lucas, from today onwards, Gustavo is going to move to my cell, are you interested in moving over together?”

Lucas was shocked to hear this, he couldn’t figure out why the famous Gustavo would take the initiative to move to Ye Chen’s cell.

After all, the conditions of the cell that Gustavo was currently residing in, in the entire prison that was top notch, only a fool would give up such good conditions to live in an ordinary cell.

However, in the face of Ye Chen’s invitation, he was still very excited and readily agreed, saying in a loud voice, “Mister looks down on me, then I’ll move in with you!”

In Lucas’s opinion, a big shot like Gustavo was one that he usually could not come into contact with even if he wanted to, and having such a chance to live in the same cell with him right now might also be an opportunity in life.

What’s more, Ye Chen, this young man with an oriental face also gave him a great sense of mystery, he vaguely felt that Ye Chen’s origin must be very big, even so big that he couldn’t even guess it himself, and to be able to get close to Ye Chen, it would be even better.

Ye Chen’s eyes searched in the nearby crowd, and soon saw the cell mate Dean who was quietly looking at himself in a small group of people.

Since Ye Chen took the initiative to find Joseph and Gustavo, Dean has been quietly watching every move of Ye Cheng’s side, seeing him chatting and laughing with the boss of the first prison area and the second prison area, and even the two of them were a bit coy towards him, Dean’s heart was even more shocked, and at the same time, he also felt more and more fearful of his own behaviour of being a dead man today.

He could not help but trembling in his heart secretly thought: “Fuck, people say that the tiger’s arse can not touch, I’m just a fucking teddy dog, really blind dog eyes, even want to play with the tiger’s arse …… surnamed Ye’s today did not wring off my head into the toilet, are fucking God blessed! ……”

Said, he could not help but close his eyes, crossed a cross between his eyebrows to his chest, as well as from his left shoulder to his right shoulder, and said piously under his breath, “God bless …… Amen ……”

When Ye Chen saw him praying with his eyes closed, he shouted, “Dean, come here!”

Dean trembled, not bothering to continue praying, he hurriedly ran all the way, came in front of Ye Chen and respectfully asked, “Mr Ye, what are your orders?”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “You are responsible for picking two wastrels with broken arms and legs from the dormitory, and switch the dormitory with Gustavo, as well as Lucas, the two of them will be our roommates from now on.”

“What?!” Dean was shocked, lightning-like peeked at Gustavo, then nervously asked, “Ye …… Mr Ye …… what you said is true?”

When Gustavo saw him grating, he said with some dissatisfaction, “Are you fucking deaf? Still want Mr Ye to say it twice?”

Dean was scared out of his wits and shuddered, “No …… no …… I …… I didn’t mean that… …”

Ye Chen glared at Gustavo and reprimanded, “Gustavo, you have to figure out your own position, in my cell, there are only two classes, one class is me, the other class is everyone else except me, you will only be at my beck and call from now on, you have no qualifications to manage or reprimand anyone else who is in the same class as you, is that clear? ”

Gustavo originally wanted to be a lapdog, he didn’t expect Ye Chen to look down on him, so he panicked and assured, “Don’t worry Mr Ye, I’ll never make a similar mistake in the future!”

Ye Chen coldly said, “You’re wrong again, it’s not that you won’t make similar mistakes again, it’s that you won’t make any mistakes again, or else I won’t be able to spare you!”