Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6077

After a period of pleasantries, Bruce Weinstein, who is eager to pick up girls, has obviously become a bit impatient and seems to want to end this meeting as soon as possible.

So Ye Chen said to Gustavo on the side, “Let’s not delay the warden’s precious time here, let the warden arrange for a cell change as well as the mobile phone and then we can go back.”

Gustavo hurriedly lowered his voice and said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye why don’t you move to my cell, the conditions of my cell are the best in the entire Brooklyn Prison, and it also has a TV and WiFi.”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “I went through quite a lot of work to set up the rules of our cell, how can I just leave? If you don’t look down on my cell, then stay well in your own cell.”

When Gustavo heard this, he quickly waved his hand and said, “Let’s do this, then I’d better go to your cell, Mr Ye!”

For Gustavo, what he was most afraid of now was that his son would find someone else to finish him off.

Ye Chen had extraordinary super strength, and Joseph was obedient to him, so as long as he followed him, then Brooklyn Prison believed that no one could harm him.

As for the living conditions, these were all trivial matters, with his life on the line, the conditions counted for nothing.

Afterwards, Gustavo was afraid that Ye Chen would back out, and hurriedly said to Bruce Weinstein, “Bruce, it’s still hard for you to make arrangements, I want to temporarily move into Mr Ye’s cell with them for a few days, in addition, Mr Ye’s mobile phone, you can arrange for someone to send it over to him.”

Bruce Weinstein agreed without hesitation, and said offhandedly, “That’s too easy, I’ll make the arrangements for you right here, I wonder if there are any other things that Mr Sanchez needs my services for?”

Gustavo waved his hand and said with an ambiguous face, “It’s getting late, you’d better hurry up and get going, don’t let the beauties wait for too long, my people will tell you the location and the room number, so you can enjoy yourself tonight. We’ll talk about anything tomorrow.”

Bruce Weinstein’s mind had long since flown to those two Miss Worlds that he hadn’t met yet, and even Gustavo had opened his mouth, so he naturally agreed in a hurry and said with a smile, “Mr Sanchez, then I’ll arrange for someone to send you back to the prison area right now, and I’ll make arrangements for the change of cells as well.”

Soon, a prison guard brought over Ye Chen’s mobile phone as well as the charger, and then he led Ye Chen and Gustavo away from the parlour, sending them back to the prison area.

As it was now the release time, everyone was free to move around in the prison area, so Ye Chen and Gustavo did not return to their cells either.

On the way back, Gustavo asked Ye Chen in a low voice, “Mr Ye, what else do you want me to do next?”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “There’s nothing more you need to do for the time being, from today onwards, you’ll be sharing a cell with me, as long as I’m still in this prison, your safety will definitely be guaranteed.”

There was another sentence that Ye Chen did not say, in this prison, he would protect Gustavo for a little while, but how many days he could stay in this prison, that could not be said, when he went out, whether Gustavo still had the value of being protected or not would have to be reevaluated by himself.

The two just returned to the prison area, the attentive Joseph greeted them, and asked with a flattering face, “Uncle Ye, how are things going for you?”

Ye Chen said with a majestic face, “Joseph, you juniors should not casually ask about the affairs of elders, got it?”

Joseph hurriedly said in shame, “Uncle Ye you are right, it’s me who spoke too much ……”

At this time, the know-it-all Lucas plucked up the courage to come to Ye Chen’s side and opened his mouth to ask, “Sir …… you …… everything alright on your side?”