Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6075

The parlour at Brooklyn Prison is not technically considered to be in the office area or in the prison block, but rather a transitional section between the two.

Because it is a transitional part, so the parlour is not far from the prison area, is out of the iron door, a corridor out of a few dozen metres to the head, both sides of the room will be the parlour.

However, Brooklyn Prison parlour is also divided into three, six and nine classes.

Ordinary parlours are shared by all inmates, and there are at least a dozen or two parlour tables in a parlour where inmates’ families or lawyers meet when they come.

In this kind of meeting room, there are constantly other inmates and family members next to them, and there will also be prison guards to keep an eye on them, so physical contact and the passing of objects are not allowed, which is relatively less free.

Those with a slightly more special status are able to get a small, more secluded private parlour, which is. There are no other inmates or family members, only a prison guard to supervise, the freedom is relatively good.

However, there is also a more elaborate parlour, the parlour not only has a sofa and TV, there are also some snacks and drinks, what is even more rare is that this room has also gone through a special acoustic treatment, it is very soundproof, and there are no monitoring facilities.

The most important thing is that, meeting here, the prison guards will not come in to intervene, some of the items carried by the visitors, as long as it is able to pass the prison security check are able to pass to the inmates, as a husband and wife visiting room to do some actual husband and wife behaviours are also completely free from constraints.

Every time the warden meets with Gustavo, he chooses to do so in this parlour to ensure absolute privacy.

When Ye Chen, together with Gustavo, was brought to the door of this parlour, he could already sense a person sitting inside.

The prison guard opened the door, and a middle-aged man wearing a suit and gold glasses, very gentlemanly and very much in line with the image of the American upper class, was sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, holding a cigar.

Seeing Gustavo come in the man quickly stood up and said with a very gentlemanly smile, “Mr Sanchez, please come in!”

Gustavo led Ye Chen inside, and the prison guards outside then closed the door tightly.

At this time, Bruce Weinstein looked at Ye Chen beside Gustavo and smiled, ”This must be Mr Sanchez’s friend, right? Hello! My name is Bruce Weinstein, I am the warden of Brooklyn Prison.”

Ye Chen returned the same smile and spoke, “Hello Mr Warden, I’m an old friend of Mr Sanchez, my surname is Ye, this time I was imprisoned here because of illegal immigrants, so please take care of me in the future.”

Bruce Weinstein smiled and said, “Illegal immigration is not a big deal, I think Mr Ye won’t stay here with us for too long, but don’t worry, since Mr Ye is Mr Sanchez’s friend, then as long as you stay here for a day, you are the VIP of our Brooklyn Prison, I will surely explain to the people below me, to give Mr Ye full care, if Mr Ye has any needs, you can also ask me for it.”

Gustavo spoke up at this time, “Not to hide from you Bruce, but Mr Ye came over to see you, it is for you to get to know Mr Ye in the future, if there is any need, you here must also give him enough convenience.”

Bruce Weinstein laughed, “This kind of small thing, Mr Sanchez you can just say hello, and why should you condescend to come over to meet me?”

Gustavo laughed, “To make friends, of course you have to meet first.”

Saying that, he then said to Bruce Weinstein, “By the way Bruce, this good friend of mine is a very amazing miracle doctor, he is good at treating any disease, no matter what problems you have with your body, he can help you.”

Bruce Weinstein looked at Ye Chen and grunted, “I didn’t see that Mr Ye is so young, but he is still a divine doctor, I wonder which medical school Mr Ye graduated from?”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “I’m not from the academy, I learnt my family’s ancestral acupuncture therapy since I was young, I’m the best at curing men’s problems in that area, not strong enough, not hard enough, not long enough, not soft enough, are all areas that I’m good at.”