Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6074

Gustavo patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry Mr Ye, this little matter will definitely be taken care of for you, and if you have a good-looking person outside that you want to meet, I can also have someone arrange for her to come over.”

Ye Chen looked at him and said very seriously, “Gustavo, I can understand your current eagerness to pander, but I hope you don’t raise one against the other, what I want, you give, what I didn’t ask for, you don’t trespass on me know?”

Gustavo suddenly thought of the scene where he had just gone to tug on Ye Chen’s pocket, it was because he had thought too much and took the initiative, but instead, he also received a slap on the face.

While subconsciously covering his face, he busily opened his mouth and said, “Don’t worry Mr Ye, I know, I will definitely not make the same mistake again!”

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction.

At this time, outside the main door of the dining room that led to the prison guards’ office area, several prison guards suddenly came, and they shouted through the iron door, “Gustavo Sanchez, get ready to come out of the line, there’s a visitor!”

Gustavo hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, we can go over!”

Ye Chen nodded and instructed Joseph, “You have to remember what happened here, tell your little brother not to tell anyone, or else you’ll be the only one I’ll try.”

Joseph said respectfully, “Uncle Ye, you can put your heart at ease, if the news leaks out, I’ll rip my head off and kick it as a rugby ball for you.”

Ye Chen nodded and added, “Also you settle those juniors of Gustavo’s, just say it’s a misunderstanding, let them not be nervous.”

Saying that, Ye Chen also instructed Gustavo, “Go and say hello to your little brothers, don’t ever disclose this matter to anyone in the outside world, let alone ask for help from the outside world, you have no idea right now how many people around you have already been bribed by your son.”

Gustavo asked somewhat nervously, “Mr Ye, I’m afraid these people around me now may not all be trustworthy, just in case, should I kill them all?”

Ye Chen glanced at him and cursed, “Are you fucking sick in the head? Do you crime syndicates kill people so casually?”

Gustavo commiserated, “Mr Ye, I’m just taking precautions! In case something really goes wrong, I might not have a life to live ……”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “Don’t worry, as long as you have me to cover you, no one can fuck you off except me.”

After saying that, he then said to Joseph, “Listen to these little brothers of Gustavo for me, and arrest anyone who reveals themselves.”

Joseph hurriedly said, “Okay Uncle Ye.”

Ye Chen looked at Gustavo, “Alright, let’s go.”

Only then did Gustavo put his heart down and led Ye Chen, towards the large iron gate.

On the way, Ye Chen said to Gustavo, “When you introduce me to the warden in a while, remember to add a sentence, say that I come from a family of divine doctors, and I’m best at treating all sorts of difficult illnesses, and I’m best at treating illnesses with acupuncture, and no matter what the ailment is, the needles can get rid of it.”

The few prison guards who had come to pick up Gustavo did not know Ye Chen, but they had also received a message from the warden to bring Gustavo and one of his friends to the parlour.

So it didn’t surprise them to see Gustavo walking over with the newly arrived Ye Chen.

One of the prison guards asked Gustavo very respectfully, “Mr Sanchez, is this your friend beside you?”

Gustavo nodded, “That’s right.”

“Good.” That prison guard hurriedly had the electric iron door opened, then said to the two, “Both of you, please follow me, the warden is already waiting in the parlour!”