Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6072

Ye Chen asked him, “Can you take me to meet this warden?”

“Can’t ……” Gustavo said truthfully, “This guy is very strange, he almost rarely comes into contact with the prisoners, and he comes over to inspect a few times a year, other times the prisoners can’t see him at all, and even if I want to see him, I also Even if I want to see him, I have to greet him in advance to see his time, and if he is willing to see me, he will go to the separate parlour in the prison area to see me.”

Ye Chen was surprised and asked, “Do you meet in the parlour every time? Have you ever been to his office?”


Ye Chen asked again, “Then can you go to his office and meet with him?”

“Can’t.” Gustavo shook his head, “The management here is still very strict, I still don’t know what their internal office areas are like.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “I’ve heard others say that you have a very high degree of freedom here, and are even often able to sneak out for the night, you have such a high degree of freedom, have you never even been to their internal office area?”

Gustavo said, “Although I do occasionally manage to sneak out of the cell block to go out and relax, he also made an appointment with me that every time I go out, I must first lie about being physically ill, and then the doctor will give me a certificate of detention for observation, and when the lights go out at night, my people will send over the person who will temporarily replace me, and he will take my place in the infirmary to spend the night while I am taken out by a wardens’ arranged for the warder to take me out masked and very discreetly at every turn.”

Ye Chen smacked his lips and continued to ask him, “Can you give me an introduction to this warden? Who’s his surname, what’s his name, how old he is, what fetishes he has, etc.”

Gustavo nodded and said, “The warden here is named Bruce Weinstein, and is forty-three years old.”

Ye Chen frowned, “Weinstein? This surname doesn’t seem to be very common.”

Gustavo said, “Indeed not very common, it’s a Jewish surname, Bruce Weinstein isn’t very famous, but one of his distant uncles you should have heard of is that big-name Hollywood villain.”

Ye Chen suddenly realised, “Oh …… I know, it’s that Hollywood villain who violated hundreds of female stars.”

“Right!” Gustavo nodded his head, “Bruce is similar to that distant uncle of his, both keen on playing with women, apart from making money, his biggest hobby is women.”

Ye Chen gently nodded and smiled, “Loves to play with women, then there is an entry point.”

Saying that, Ye Chen asked him again, “Between you and this Bruce, is there any transfer of benefits?”

Gustavo said, “There is no transfer of benefits on the surface, after all, he is a member of the Rothschild family, and he doesn’t dare to be too arrogant, but secretly I did let someone arrange some beautiful women for him outside, and he didn’t refuse every time.”

Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Since this is the case, then you should find a way to arrange a meeting opportunity with him, the sooner the better, and you must bring me to meet him.”

Gustavo asked, “Mr Ye, then how should I introduce you to him?”

Ye Chen said, “This is simple, just say that you used to have a friendship with me in Mexico, and you didn’t realise that I was arrested for illegal immigration, so you want him to take care of me more in prison.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “You also don’t let him take a personal favour for nothing, hurry up and arrange a few beauties for him, the prettier the better, and serve him well tonight.”

Gustavo nodded, “Okay, I’ll arrange it.”

With that, he pulled out a mobile phone from his pocket.

As soon as Joseph saw that he even had a mobile phone, he subconsciously said, “Crap, where the fuck did you get a mobile phone? When will you get me one too!”

Ye Chen gave him a blank look and chided, “Shut up! Busy with business, don’t interrupt!”

Joseph immediately shut his mouth in a sensible manner.

Gustavo found a number and dialled it, and after ordering with the other side of the phone, he said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, I’ve made all the arrangements, there are two Miss Worlds who happen to be in New York for an event tonight, I was going to go out and enjoy myself, so it’ll be cheap for Bruce now.”

Ye Chen nodded, “It’s not too early now, so hurry up and find a way to contact him and make an appointment to meet with him.”

Gustavo said without thinking, “Alright Mr Ye, I’ll contact him now!”