Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6071

Joseph’s little brother, to this day, has not recovered from his shock and amazement.

They couldn’t figure out, the boss planned for so many days, just to find an opportunity to kill Gustavo, the result was about to succeed, but suddenly killed a boss so-called uncle, the key to this uncle is also a lot younger than the boss.

What’s even more outrageous is that this young uncle stood out and said a word, the boss will directly put all the plans are terminated.

However, for them to be chosen by Joseph to carry out this plan, at least their loyalty was still all guaranteed, so even if they were surprised in their hearts, as long as the boss gave the word, they could only unconditionally listen.

Ye Chen also knew that this matter was not over by now.

Today, the two sides clashed, and Gustavo’s minions were all beaten down, even if the Rothschild family didn’t come to ask about it, the warden would definitely ask about what had happened;

And today Gustavo did not die, Joseph also want to give Gustavo’s son an explanation.

Therefore, how to stabilise these two ends, so that today’s events would not have subsequent effects, was the immediate priority.

Thus, Ye Chen then said to Joseph, “Great nephew, let your brothers step aside first, there’s something I need to have a good chat with you and Gustavo.”

Joseph had two things on his mind at the moment, Ye Chen was his uncle, and then he had to obey his orders unconditionally.

Therefore, he said to Ye Chen without thinking at all, “Don’t worry uncle, I’ll arrange it.”

After saying that, he called over a few of his juniors, and after whispering for a while, the group of juniors immediately retreated more than ten metres away, leaving room for the three of them to talk.

Ye Chen opened his mouth at this time, “This matter has become very big today, all the inmates have seen your two sides clashing again, it’s a good thing that they haven’t seen Joseph’s side trying to make a move to kill someone, so now we need to discuss a unified calibre to deal with these people in the prison, including the warden’s side, so as to prevent things from continuing to fester.”

Joseph respectfully said, “Uncle Ye, everything is just up to you, I’ll listen to you!”

Ye Chen nodded with satisfaction and praised, “Good nephew, I haven’t misjudged you.”

After saying that, he looked at Gustavo again and asked him, “What about you?”

Gustavo hurriedly bowed and said, “Mr Ye, I …… I also do everything at your command!”

Ye Chen nodded and said seriously, “Since you guys are letting me take the lead, then I’ll talk about my rough solution.”

“First of all, for this matter today, no matter if anyone in the prison asks about it, make sure to say that it’s Joseph’s side that’s very dissatisfied with the privileges that Gustavo has been enjoying for a long time, so they want to take the opportunity to teach Gustavo a lesson, other than that, nothing else;”

The two men immediately kept nodding their heads, fully recognising what Ye Chen had said.

Ye Chen continued, “Secondly, there might still be Gustavo’s son’s eyes here, so don’t wait for him to turn around and question you if you’ve succeeded or not, wait for a while when you’re free to move around, you can give him a call, tell him that today is to test the waters first to see if there’s any movement on the side of the prison guards, and then tell him that in the next couple of days you’ll be looking for a chance to put this matter into practice. ”

Joseph naturally agreed one million percent, only Gustavo said with some concern: “Mr Ye, what should I do if my son keeps urging Joseph to do it? Drag also can not keep dragging ah, otherwise then he will definitely get suspicious, once he gets suspicious, he will find other people to do it to me ……”

Ye Chen nodded, “That’s what I’m going to talk to you about next.”

After a pause, Ye Chen continued, “Firstly, as I’ve already said earlier, this is just a delaying tactic, and it can only be delayed for two or three days at the most, so I’ll find an opportunity to bail you out during these two or three days.”

Gustavo nervously asked, “Mr Ye …… may I ask if you have any plan now that can protect me from being killed by my son?” It was

Ye Chen smiled, “If you want to not be killed by your son here, then you have to start with the warden’s body and provide you with extra protection, then I believe that inside this prison, absolutely no one can take your life.”

Gustavo said with a somewhat difficult expression, “The warden here, although it seems that his identity is not high, but he is in fact the Rothschild family, he is only under the orders of the Rothschild family, outsiders simply do not put in their eyes, I went to ask him to help, not only will he not agree, but will be the first time the situation will report to the Rothschild family, if the Rothschild family If the Rothschild family knows that my son wants to kill me, then they also know that I have lost value to them, and then I will only be more dangerous …….”