Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6069

As he spoke, Ye Chen had quietly penetrated Joseph’s brain with an aura.

Joseph’s entire body was instantly stunned, then he looked at Ye Chen and said with an excited expression, “Crap! Uncle Ye! It’s really you, Uncle Ye!”

These two Uncle Ye’s shouted everyone at the scene.

They all thought that Ye Chen was ungrateful to seek death, and he even said loudly that he was Joseph’s uncle, wasn’t he just tired of living?

But no one expected that Joseph would admit it?

At this time, Joseph excitedly took the initiative to step forward, holding Ye Chen’s right hand with both of his hands, and said excitedly, “Uncle Ye, how did you get here?”

The surrounding crowd had already dropped their jaws in shock, and Gustavo also looked dumbfounded.

Ye Chen, on the other hand, said with a cloudy face: “This prison is not your home, you can come, I can not come? If you are allowed to make mistakes, you are not allowed to allow your Uncle Ye to make mistakes?”

Joseph said with incomparable respect at this time, “Right, right, Uncle Ye, you’re right!”

Ye Chen blankly glanced at him, then pointed at Gustavo and spoke, “Today you give uncle face, this person will leave him alone for now.”

Joseph did not hesitate for a second and said without thinking, “Alright! Since you have spoken, Uncle Ye, then I definitely can’t move him anymore.”

After saying that, he looked towards Gustavo and said with a serious face, “Gustavo, you’re fucking lucky today, if it wasn’t for my Uncle Ye coming out to speak for you, I would have definitely let my brothers zap you into a hornet’s nest!”

Gustavo also didn’t understand what the hell was going on, but hearing Joseph’s words, he couldn’t stop a wave of celebration of the aftermath of the robbery from welling up in his heart, and associating it with the fact that he had almost been secretly done away with by his son, the tears couldn’t be controlled from coming out of his eyes.

Ye Chen came in front of Gustavo, slapped him on the back of his head, and said in a cold voice: “What the hell are you crying for, a little bit of interest, okay?”

Gustavo did not expect Ye Chen to lift his hand and hit himself, the first reaction in his heart was to be furious, but as soon as he thought of this person in front of him helping himself to stop Joseph, he could only endure his anger, and said with feigned gratitude, “Mister, thank you for saving me, I will definitely repay you!”

“Repay me?” Ye Chen said disdainfully, “Look at this shit you’re in now, what are you going to repay me with? Although my great nephew has spared your life for the time being, do you think you still have anything that you can hold onto right now? Your entire family is now managed by your son on your behalf, but your son wants your life, have you thought about it, if my great nephew doesn’t kill you today, will your son find someone else to kill you tomorrow?”

Gustavo was speechless all of a sudden.

It was only at this moment that he finally figured out one thing, that since his own son intended to take himself out and take full charge of the entire crime syndicate, everything he had done before in Brooklyn Prison was nothing more than false prosperity.

At that time, he was afraid that he would have even less support in this prison.

Moreover, it is said that there is no turning back, since my son has already let Joseph make a move on himself today, as long as he is still alive, he will definitely not give up this idea, and will definitely continue to think of ways to assassinate himself.

What’s even more frustrating is that he can’t go to the Rothschild family to ask for help, the Rothschild family gives himself privileges, also because they don’t know that he has been given up by his son, and think that he still has value, if they know the actual situation, then he will also lose all value to them.

Therefore, if one could not find a strong backing, then one would definitely die in this prison before long.