Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6067

Joseph laughed and said, “How can that be Gustavo, the reason I’m telling you this is because you have to die today, I’m going to go for broke and will never give you any chance to compel or bribe me, my reason tells me that if I don’t get rid of you today, your son will get rid of me tomorrow. And my reason also tells me that even if you could get out of Brooklyn Prison and get out of the United States, your son would certainly not let you go back to Mexico alive, so you have to die anyway.”

At this moment, Gustavo’s heart was in despair.

He knew that Joseph could say so much to himself would certainly not spare himself, he was equal to cutting off his own retreat.

The dialogue between these two men also fell into Ye Chen’s ears word for word.

Lucas didn’t have such a good hearing, he could only look at the wall of people that was three layers inside and three layers outside, and couldn’t help but say in surprise, “How does it feel as if things aren’t quite right, if they were just trying to teach Gustavo’s men a lesson, then it should have already been over ah, can’t it be that there’s been some kind of new change in this matter?”

Ye Chen then stood up and said with a smile, “Instead of guessing here, why don’t we just go over and take a look?”

“Crap ……” Lucas was shocked, and quickly tried to stop Ye Chen, saying, “Brother you can’t go to this hustle, these two groups of people are not good, we can’t afford to mess with them! ”

Ye Chen laughed: “I’m not going to watch the fun, I’m going to be a peacemaker, you sit here for a bit, I’ll go and come.”

Lucas saw Ye Chen turn around and walk towards the crowd, scared, he quickly shouted in a low voice, “Brother, I don’t have to be important ah, when what peacemaker, this kind of time whoever goes out of the way who is unlucky, come back quickly ah!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly at him, waved his hand and walked out in stride.

At this moment, Gustavo in the middle of the crowd was still begging bitterly: ”Joseph, if you kill me today, you’ll be getting on my son’s thieving boat, think about how the Rothschilds could possibly spare you? I am their hostage! With me here, many of their hooks in Mexico can be pushed forward very smoothly, if I die, they will definitely blame you for it!”

Joseph laughed, “It doesn’t matter, after you die, your son will immediately renegotiate with the Rothschilds, and he will bail me out at that time.”

Gustavo said offhandedly, “How can that be Joseph, he even killed his own father, how can he keep his word to you? Big man, small brain! You are just plain stupid!”

“You know nothing.” Joseph said disdainfully, “Gustavo, do you really think I’m stupid? So many of my brothers know that we were instructed by your son to kill you, and if he doesn’t protect me or us, then the fact that he killed you will spread, and he himself won’t be able to stand firm in the Sanchez family!”

“As for the Rothschild family, it’s impossible for them to avenge you after your death, because they, as a family, have been aiming for hundreds of years to put profit above all else, and they will definitely co-operate with your son at the first opportunity after your death, otherwise wouldn’t they lose everything? You can’t even think about this, how can you run rampant in Mexico for so many years.”

Gustavo at this moment at this moment has been completely desperate, he knows that he must die today, because his own son has long ago already given himself a certain death of the bureau, and Joseph has already made the determination that must kill himself, at this moment there is no one beside himself who can protect himself, there is no other possibility for himself other than to die.

Joseph at this time has also lost the patience to continue communicating with him, so he made a gesture to his men and coldly said, “Finish him off!”

As soon as the words fell, several minions with sharp weapons immediately came towards Gustavo in a pack.

Gustavo saw the tip of the knife that showed a cold aura and didn’t dare to imagine how miserable he would die today.

At this time, the several junior brothers showed a fierce face, waving the dagger in their hands, about to stab towards Gustavo’s heart and the back of his head.

Just in the nick of time, a voice suddenly came from outside the crowd, shouting, “You guys, give me face! Hands all stop for a moment!”