Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6066

The terrified Gustavo, at this time, had already lost his previous arrogance and pride, as he backed up towards the window, while bitterly begging, “Gentlemen, have a good conversation, don’t be impulsive ah! If you guys want money, I can give you a lot of money, how about a million dollars per person? I’ll give you ten million!”

Saying that, he flustered again, “Right, don’t you all want to drink red wine and eat steak and caviar? From today onwards, all of you all of you, I’ll pay for all the steaks, red wine, caviar, and other high-end ingredients! How about black truffles? I’ll arrange for them to be delivered tomorrow, along with the best bluefin tuna! And the best Chinese and Japanese food in America!”

“By the way, do you guys like sushi? There’s a little old man in Japan who is quite good and famous at making sushi, so as long as you guys say the word, I’ll have him come here tomorrow to make sushi for you with his own hands! If he doesn’t come, I’ll kill his whole family!”

Joseph sneered, “Gustavo, is it fun for you to write blank cheques here? You said you’d give us money, right? Then you take it out now! And you don’t have to give me ten million specifically, I don’t want a cent of your ten million, you just give these brothers of mine two million dollars each, right now!”

Gustavo cried and said, “Joseph, we are now inside a prison, how can I possibly have so much money to take out to you guys right away? But as long as you guys give me a little bit of time, I will definitely arrange for this money to be put in place!”

Joseph walked up to Gustavo and sneered, “Gustavo, you’re a bit confused, I’ll be honest with you, even if I give you time, you won’t be able to get this money.”

Gustavo hurriedly said, “No way, this amount of money is nothing to me at all, I just need to make a phone call to my son, by this time tomorrow at the latest, he will be able to arrange for all of this money to be put in place, whether it be in cash or by transferring money.”

Joseph turned his head at this time and looked around, seeing that the prison guards had not come to intervene either, and that the others were even more afraid to come forward, he knew that even if God had manifested himself tonight, it would be impossible to save Gustavo.

So, he gave a wink to his men, and a group of people immediately moved Gustavo’s men who couldn’t move out and threw them dozens of metres away.

It was then that Joseph smiled and said to Gustavo, “Gustavo, don’t struggle, to tell you the truth, you must die today.”

Gustavo trembled and said offhandedly, “Joseph, if you kill me, the Rothschild family won’t let you go, my son and the entire Sanchez family won’t let you go!”

Joseph grunted and skittishly said, “Gustavo, before you die, I’ll let you die understanding that the person who wants to take your life is not me, but your son.”

“That’s impossible!” Gustavo refuted without hesitation, “My son would never do such a thing, the Sanchez family would never harm a loved one!”

Joseph laughed, “Your son asked me to convey to you before you die, the Sanchez family a great family, can’t be because of you and the American government as well as the Rothschild family to lead by the nose, you live, the Sanchez family can only be subjected to them, while you die, the Sanchez family will be able to break the shackles, so now it is time for you to sacrifice for the Sanchez family. ”

Saying that, Joseph asked him rhetorically, “Which country’s crown prince do you think is still willing to stay in the position of crown prince and single-mindedly wait for his real father to come back when his real father is kidnapped by the enemy? Isn’t that a fool?”

Gustavo froze on the spot.

Joseph moved closer to him and continued, “Gustavo, don’t you think your son could?”

Gustavo bowed his head and dared not speak.

Joseph saw his shit and snorted, “F*ck, aren’t you stupid then?”

As he spoke, Joseph specially aggravated the pronunciation of the word ‘you’.

When Gustavo on the opposite side heard this, his entire body was already horrified! This is really killing people and killing their hearts! A real murder, and a real heart attack!

He looked at Joseph with fear and trepidation, and begged bitterly, “Joseph, I beg you, for the sake of being a cellmate, give me a way out, even if you let me get on the phone with the Rothschilds, they will surely help me to take back control of the Sanchez family, and at that time, whatever you want, I can give it to you, and I can even let you out of this prison! “