Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6065

Gustavo had a flurry of output, extraordinarily pleasurable physically and mentally, while the expressions of each of those minions of his were getting more and more depressed.

They also thought that the gang’s target was on themselves and not on their boss’s car, so the angrier the boss made them angry now, the harder they would teach them a lesson later.

The little brother from earlier was furious and said to Joseph through clenched teeth, “Boss! I can’t stand this rotten Mexican potato anymore! I’m going to get him killed today!”

Joseph sneered and shouted, “Brothers, whatever you want to do today, just feel free to do it boldly! I’ll take the blame for anything that happens!”

At Joseph’s command, the crowd of juniors shouted, like a tidal wave of water surging towards the Stavo’s subordinates!

Gustavo’s henchmen were all on the spot, and they could only copy plastic dinner plates and spoons as weapons as they went along.

However, the other party is, after all, the American muscle man who continues to jerk iron for several hours every day, in front of this kind of close range without any moves, than whose fists are harder, and the naked eye can see, one of Joseph’s men’s fists, all hate than Gustavo’s men’s face is even bigger, a punch are smashed confused one, almost a common occurrence.

So, after a few shots, Gustavo’s men were hammered by these muscular men to their knees begging for mercy.

Gustavo watched his side of the minions fell one by one, and in the minions fell half of the time, he thought that the other party almost want to stop, but, the other party did not have the slightest intention to stop.

At this time, Gustavo’s previous face full of arrogance, finally began to become white, his face for the first time written full of panic.

And as Joseph’s men continued to approach, Gustavo, while terrified, subconsciously shouted, “Have you forgotten that I am Gustavo? The famous Gustavo Sanchez! I am worth tens of billions of dollars and armed with thousands of personal weapons! All of you, including, remember, all of your families, if I so choose! It’s all of your families that I can kill, all of you!”

Joseph said with a disdainful look on his face, “Come on Gustavo, you’re useless in Mexico even if you take advantage of the army! This is the United States, the United States of America! If you were really good, why didn’t you arrange for a few thousand private armies to come to Brooklyn Prison to get you out? You also know that there are only a few dozen armed guards in the entire Brooklyn Prison.”

Gustavo didn’t know how to answer at once, and could only say stiffly, “Joseph, I’m a person who is vindictive, and the people I killed in Mexico don’t have 10,000, but also have a few thousand, and if today’s matter comes to an end here, then I, Gustavo, will give you a guarantee that this matter will be left alone, and I won’t look for anyone to settle the scores after the autumn, so what do you think of this proposal? ”

Joseph sneered, “How about the proposal, let these brothers of mine tell you!”

With that, Joseph spread out his arms and gently beckoned to the sides.

One of the juniors directly shouted, “Screw the proposal! Why don’t we all just go in together and finish him off straight away!”

A group of juniors immediately agreed, “Right! Finish him off!”

As soon as the words fell, a few of the junior brothers who had hidden their daggers privately had already drawn their homemade daggers out of their sleeves.

These several daggers without exception, all of them are made of angle iron grinding, although it looks very simple, but it is extremely sharp, and its own shape is ninety degrees at right angles, if this knife stabbed down, it can directly open a big mouth!

Seeing the other side lit up more than one, can kill Gustavo’s mood all of a sudden sunk to the bottom.

Only at this time did he instantly understand that what Joseph wanted was actually his own life!