Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6064

As Joseph’s men, progressively, surrounded Gustavo, as well as his minions, in a circle, all these Mexicans also formed a circle around Gustavo.

Gustavo’s expression was still cold, and even in the coldness, there were a few hints of irritation.

He felt that he was the standard, a tiger falling down and being bullied by a dog.

When he was outside he had thousands of troops and horses, and if someone on the street dared to look at him more than once, he would pull out a pistol and blow his head off without hesitation.

As a result, now, he was in an American prison, but he was forced to be so passive by a bunch of brainless muscle men.

Seeing that his side was outnumbered, Gustavo couldn’t help but open his mouth and shout, “Joseph, what do you mean by this?”

Joseph at this time separated his own minions, walked to the periphery of the encirclement, looked at Gustavo, and then pointed at his own group of minions, and said in a very serious manner, “Gustavo, you’re really too high-profile in the Brooklyn Prison, some of my minions haven’t eaten real steak for more than ten years, but you’re here every day enjoying the top of the line haute cuisine! ”

“Also, half of these minions of mine don’t even know what caviar tastes like, but I’ve seen you take tens of thousands of dollars a jar of caviar and stuff the whole thing into a burger and eat it;”

“Not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars a bottle of Romanee Conti, and it was only today that I realised what the fuck Romanee Conti tastes like!”

Speaking of this, Joseph said with a difficult face, “Gustavo, there’s an old Chinese saying that you don’t suffer from scarcity, you suffer from uneven distribution, you’ve been fucking up the privileges here day in and day out, and these brothers of mine have seen it in their eyes, and are anxious in their hearts! Now they’ve quit! They want steak too, they want caviar too, they want Romanee Conti too, I have no choice, I can’t solve these problems, I have to let them come to you to solve them!”

One of the juniors immediately shouted, “Right! Why are you the only one who can eat steak and drink red wine here, why can’t we!”

Gustavo said with a disdainful face, “That’s because you don’t have money like me, if you have tens of billions of dollars like me, you can also sit here and eat steak and drink red wine, you don’t have any fucking money, and neither does the boss you’re with, so you’re blaming me instead?”

That little brother did not expect to be taunted by Gustavo like this, and immediately cursed, “Gustavo you son of a bitch! How much money you have outside is your business, I don’t have a problem with you being outside even if you drink all the red wine in the whole of America into your fucking stomach! But when you’re here, you have to follow the rules here!”

“Rules here?” Gustavo asked disdainfully, “You tell me what the rules are here?”

The minion cursed in exasperation, “Shit, the rule here is that if someone else doesn’t get a steak or a glass of wine, then you can’t either! No matter how rich you are, you can’t!”

“That’s it!” The crowd of minions under Joseph, all at once, chimed in and shouted, “You can’t have privileges in Brooklyn Prison!”

Gustavo’s danger was right in front of his eyes but he didn’t know it, he still felt that this group of people were targeting their own minions and not himself, proud of his half-life, at this time, he said with a face full of sarcasm, “A bunch of unknowing Yankees! You may lack sufficient knowledge of my strength, I enjoy more privileges here than you can see! When I’m getting laid with my scalp, I’m in the parlour tasting the beauties that my men have handpicked for me from all over the U.S. Some of these beauties, some of whom have flown over from thousands of kilometres away, will only let me screw them for three hours, and then take a few tens of thousands of U.S. Dollars and get out of the way…I can even have my men bring any of your wives over, and let her kneel in front of me to serve me…that’s something that you guys, for your entire lives, will never be able to enjoy!”