Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6063

  Come to think of it, for the current incumbent of the Sanchez family, keeping Gustavo in the hands of the Americans is the same as putting a spell on himself, a little uncooperative, others in the family are afraid to think that he is disregarding Gustavo’s life and death, so Gustavo is alive and well and is a constraint on his existence.

If Gustavo hangs up in the prison riot, this constraint will be gone, both the U.S. government, or the Rothschild family, will lose the direct pinch his chips.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen smiled slightly, knowing that the opportunity had come.

So, Ye Chen asked him, “Has there been a riot in this prison?”

“Of course.” Lucas casually said, “Riots are a common occurrence here, and the prison guards don’t really ask about it, they’re like the owners of a dog farm, locking a bunch of hunting dogs in cages, and casually tearing and scrambling for them, they just watch the fun behind the iron fence, and when they’ve watched enough of the fun, they’ll come in and intervene to separate the tearing hounds, drag the corpses out, and then beat up each of the living hounds with fifty clubs.”

Saying this, Lucas asked Ye Chen, “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

Ye Chen looked over to Joseph’s side, and seeing that Joseph’s men were all starting to spread out and meander towards Gustavo’s position from several directions, he whispered, “I have a feeling they’re up to something.”

Lucas was used to it and said, “Normal, they’re doing something with a clear goal, let’s just hide far away and watch the fun.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, put down his spoon and laughed, “What’s the point of watching from afar, I’m a person who likes to join in the fun.”

After saying that, he stood up and walked slowly towards Gustavo.

At this moment, Gustavo also realised that something was wrong.

Although Joseph’s men were scattered in all directions, all of these people seemed to be meandering towards themselves, some were coming directly towards them in a straight line, while others, were circling around a few parabolas of varying arcs, and some even circled around to the other side to encompass themselves.

His expression became serious all of a sudden, and he said coldly to the men around him, “It looks like Joseph is going to make his move today!”

The dozen or so men all tensed up and opened up in a moment.

According to Gustavo’s analysis, Joseph was trying to weaken Gustavo’s strength in Brooklyn Prison, who was Gustavo’s strength here? Isn’t it himself?

Therefore, they instinctively thought that Joseph’s men were coming at them, so one by one, they were all like enemies, preparing for a hard battle.

The point is, these Mexican crime syndicate members of theirs, although they are strong in fighting outside, but that relies on the gun in their hands, and a brutal heart.

Give them a pistol, they dare a gun one killed seven or eight unarmed civilians.

But once they don’t have a gun, just rely on the heart of the brutality, fighting strength is not the opponent of these American muscle men.

After all, the heart of brutality can not strengthen their muscles, really started to fight, Joseph under the gang of muscle men all day jerking iron, one can dry them two.

Moreover, the strength of Gustavo’s men do not prevail, the number of people do not prevail, in Brooklyn Prison, Joseph’s little brother, as well as admirers of at least a few hundred people, now mobilised muscle men have thirty or forty people, if the fight later, I do not know onlookers inside the dozens of hundreds of people will not come out again to put the black foot.

Gustavo at this time to hide behind a dozen little brother, a face of indifference to look at those who are surrounded by their own muscle men, did not realise that their own crisis will come.

He felt that the Rothschild family is just do not want to let themselves too happy, today if really killed a few little brother, then in the future they are a little low-profile that is, but does not prevent themselves from continuing to eat, drink and play with women.

So, he stood up and looked at Joseph from afar, his expression angry with a few cold.

He felt that the next time he talked to the Rothschild family about co-operation, no matter what they asked him to do, he would have to attach a condition, and that was to kill Joseph.

Anyway, to the Rothschilds, Joseph was a dog they kept in Brooklyn Prison, and it wouldn’t matter if this dog died and was replaced by another one.

Confident and arrogant, he didn’t even realise that the one who was really going to be hunted tonight was himself!