Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6062

Gustavo wanted to see the warden, and so did Ye Chen.

It would be best to find an opportunity to meet the warden but not be detected by the Rothschilds.

However, due to the special circumstances of the prison, it wasn’t easy for Ye Chen to achieve this, and it seemed that Gustavo was considered an opportunity.

In Ye Chen’s opinion, getting close to Gustavo was at least easier than getting close to the warden, after all, he and Gustavo happened to be in the same prison block now.

So, he asked Lucas in front of him, “If I want to be friends with Gustavo, is there any good way?”

“Who? Gustavo?” Lucas as if he had heard a fantasy, said with a smile, “Brother, Gustavo did not enter the prison before, not only the Mexican drug lords, or can be ranked into the world’s top one hundred tycoons, but also Mexico’s premier private armed commander, he is locked in this prison, for us ordinary people, is almost the same as a tiger locked into a cat’s nest, how can he be a friend with us? How can he be friends with us? ……”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but grunt and laugh when he heard this.

In Lucas’s opinion, there was no comparison between himself and Gustavo.

But the reality was that Gustavo couldn’t be compared to himself at all.

Money? Gustavo’s assets could not be compared to his own if he had two more zeros behind him.

Compare to a team? His drug trafficking armoury was nothing in front of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace.

Besides, he didn’t care to be friends with a drug dealer, and now he was just using him.

However, Lucas’ words also gave Ye Chen a wake up call.

Although he was much stronger than Gustavo in all aspects of his strength, but currently in Brooklyn Prison, Gustavo definitely didn’t look up to him.

Or rather, Gustavo didn’t look down on anyone here.

How to get close to Gustavo, it seems that there is still a lot of thinking to do.

While Ye Chen was eating and pondering over the plan, he looked over to the side of Joseph, the boss of the second prison area, and found that Joseph and his men had obviously started to gather more and more, at first there were still a dozen or so people sitting around loosely, but first they had already surrounded thirty to forty people, and surrounded Joseph and his inner circle in the middle of the room, as if they were in the middle of a meeting.

Ye Chen did not know what they were plotting, so he used his aura to investigate, and perceived that at Joseph’s side in the centre, a junior brother took out several dagger shaped things from his arms, Joseph handed these things one by one to the most trusted junior brother beside him, and then instructed in a low voice: “Once the situation escalates later, you guys find the right opportunity to directly take out Gustavo! Remember, the tip of the knife is inserted straight into the heart, as long as someone inserts the knife into the heart, the others insert the knife into the back of his head, this will ensure that he will die for sure and the gods will not be able to save him, as long as Gustavo is dead, our future good days will come!”

Several junior brothers hid their daggers in their sleeves and nodded repeatedly with an excited face.

One of them asked, “What about Gustavo’s minions? Do we finish them off as well?”

Joseph nodded and said in a cold voice, “Whoever gets in the way will be taken out, anyway, everyone is already imprisoned for life without parole, killing one is killing, killing ten is also killing!”

Ye Chen was slightly shocked, just now, listening to Lucas and Gustavo’s own analysis, Joseph should have been instructed by the Rothschild family to come to cause trouble for Gustavo, and in the process consume and exhaust his viable forces in Brooklyn Prison.

However, right now, this Joseph was actually trying to directly kill Gustavo.

Ye Chen pondered in his heart, the Rothschild family had gone to such great lengths to keep Gustavo in a prison under their control, it was definitely not possible to just finish him off, so the one who had allowed Joseph to finish Gustavo off was most likely someone else.

And the strength of this person must not be underestimated, otherwise it is impossible for Joseph to put the Rothschild family behind.

So speculation, this person is likely to be a member of the Gustavo Sanchez family.