Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6060

  Ye Chen was a little worried for a while.

He had originally thought that Peter Zhou should be imprisoned in the prison area, and that he would have a chance to enquire about clues about him as long as he found Lucas.

But he didn’t expect that an extremely well-informed person like Lucas would know nothing about him.

And in such a large prison, finding someone was actually not as easy as one would think.

Since this was the case, and the prison area couldn’t be found, he could only use his aura to check the other areas.

Aura checking was Ye Chen’s second option for not being able to find anyone in the prison area.

Spiritual Qi was most suitable for searching for a limited number of enemies in a vast expanse, just like when he was searching for Ding Yuan Bo Yun Ru Ge in the valley, and she was the only living person in the entire valley at that time, and with his Spiritual Qi enveloping the entire valley, he would be able to spot him immediately.

And this entire prison, to put it bluntly, was a complex building that housed several thousand people, the density of human existence was extremely high, the aura was released, and it was immediately able to detect several thousands of people, and to find Peter Zhou out one by one from several thousands of people, it was almost unlikely for him to be able to do so.

Because although the aura could help him to check the situation, it did not allow him to see everything through the aura in the true sense of the word, everything could only be perceived by the aura.

However, it was good that right now it was the prison’s meal time, all the inmates had already arrived here, and just now he had already paid attention to the inmates here, and since there was no Peter Zhou in here, then using his aura to check the other areas outside the dining hall as well as other people, he thought that it should be quite a bit easier.

With this in mind, he released his aura without revealing anything, directly skipping over the first and second prison areas, and began to check out the entire prison.

Ye Chen’s aura skipped over the prison area and wandered towards the top floor first, here were all the staff of the prison, there were at least seventy to eighty people at the moment, and none of these people were confined, and there was no sign of the existence of a room like a jail cell that was capable of confining people, the staff were either on duty at their posts, or they were having a meal in the staff restaurant.

So Ye Chen again checked his aura towards the lower level, there were at least a hundred staff members on that lower level, but all of these people were also busy working or having a meal, unlike signs of someone being imprisoned.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but be surprised, and thought in his heart, “Could it be that the people have already been moved to other places by them?”

After all, Peter Zhou had already come in for quite a long time, and had not been sent to the prison area from start to finish, it was logical that the Rothschild family had secretly moved him elsewhere.

However, Ye Chen also felt that the Rothschild family must not want the outside world to know about it by secretly controlling Peter Zhou and sending him here, since this was the case, the best thing to do for them would be to try not to transfer the person after they had settled him down.

It was just like the reasoning behind sending someone to Hong Wu’s dog farm before himself.

The person was thrown directly into the dog farm, never letting him come out again, this was the safest, after all, the other party was only sent to the dog farm on the way, there was a certain risk of exposure, once the person came in, as long as the person was not allowed to go back out again, the person would never have the possibility of being exposed again.

However, if the person comes in and then moves to another place, he is bound to be exposed again, and the risk factor naturally increases exponentially.