Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6059

Ye Chen, who was inquiring about the situation of the prison from Lucas, listened to all the dialogue between the bosses of the first and second prison areas.

He really didn’t expect that a prison located in downtown New York City, which didn’t even have an open playground, would have such dark currents within it.

Looking at this trend, the boss of the second prison district, Joseph, is looking for a suitable opportunity to give the boss of the first prison district, the Mexican drug lord Gustavo a heavy blow.

And although Gustavo is pampered in this prison, living an extravagant life that other inmates can’t reach, he also has his worries.

Although his family is strong, unfortunately, those murderous drug dealers have no way to get into the United States, much less into Brooklyn Prison to help him.

The safety of his own life, as well as the future of his entire family, was still in the hands of the U.S. government, as well as the Rothschild family.

At this time, Lucas said to Ye Chen, “Joseph’s behaviour today isn’t quite normal, this guy might be brewing some kind of plot.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “How can you tell?”

Lucas explained, “Joseph usually doesn’t deal with Gustavo much, he’s an old school American gangster, advocating firefighting, advocating toughness, a bit of personal heroism; but Gustavo is different, Gustavo is sinister and cunning, and has no bottom line, not only does he slaughter his own rivals, slaughter the Mexican police, and even the civilians, Gustavo is like a viper. Like a viper, Gustavo likes to use the most insidious means to attack the enemy in the dark, to give the enemy a fatal blow, so Joseph is generally a well watered river water to him, and now take the initiative to provoke, obviously want to stir up trouble.”

Ye Chen nodded, not expecting Lucas’ analysis to be basically the same as Gustavo’s.

It seemed that Lucas did know everything around him in this prison like the back of his hand, and the most rare thing was that this person could use his brain, able to analyse the intention behind one’s actions, which was much better than these big guys around him.

Lucas at this time saw that the iron gates leading to the dining hall of the two prison areas had been closed by the prison guards, so he opened his mouth and asked Ye Chen: “The prisoners have all arrived, by the way, the one you’re looking for, Peter Zhou, isn’t he in here?”

Ye Chen shook his head, he had been paying attention to every prisoner who walked into the dining hall, and did not see the figure of Peter Zhou, that is, that Zhou Liangyun in the beginning.

Lucas frowned and said, “The person has entered here, yet he is not in the two prison areas, the probability is that he has been hidden by the Rothschild family.”

Ye Chen asked him, “If the Rothschilds were to hide someone in this prison, where would they hide them?”

“This I can’t say.” Lucas said seriously, “The bottom layer of this prison, as well as the top layer, are the office area of the prison guards, and in the middle is the prison area where the prisoners are held, I don’t know much about the office area, but it’s reasonable to say that it’s unlikely that they would hide someone there.”

Saying that, Lucas added, “But it’s certain that the Rothschild family will definitely not kill the person you’re looking for, because if they want to get someone killed in this prison, they will definitely make this person appear within the view of the prison public first, and then use the prisoners inside to create chaos and let him die in the prison, instead of hiding him. ”

Ye Chen asked him, “If I want to find him out and meet him, where do you think I should start?”

“This ……” Lucas hesitated for a moment and said seriously, “The situation of this prison is very special, although the entire prison is under the control of the Rothschild family, the vast majority of the staff here simply can’t get in touch with them, if the person you’re looking for is hidden by them, then I estimate that in the entire Brooklyn Prison’s guards, there are no more than five people who know about it, but these few people, we simply don’t have the chance to get in touch with them, just like the warden here, the number of times we can see him is even less than three times in a year, 365 days a year.”