Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6058

  The Alberto from earlier lowered his voice and asked him, “Boss, do you want me to finish off that Yankee? With just a word from you, I’ll stick a knife straight into his brain and stir it up a few times!”

  Gustavo asked back, “Don’t you see his intentions yet?”

  Alberto shook his head, “Isn’t he just here for trouble?”

  Gustavo sneered, “He came to find trouble with me in order to stir up a dispute and trigger a firefight between the two sides.”

  Alberto immediately said, “Boss, we’re not afraid of them in a firefight! I’ve killed more people than the women he’s played with!”

  Gustavo coldly said, “Do you really think this is Mexico? If you dare to kill someone here, the Americans will dare to put you in a single cell where you can’t see your fingers until you die!”

  Said Gustavo, “Moreover, although you are all well-trained killers, but in this kind of place, there is no handy weapon, there is no terrain advantage that can hide yourself, the vast majority of your skills can’t be used, and we don’t have numerical superiority, when the time comes, each of these Americans will be able to throw a bench that can also smash you to death alive, and if you die, I’m here! will have no protection, and then I will have to ask the Rothschild family to arrange another group of people to come in to protect me, but once more people come, the Rothschild family will support a new Joseph to consume me ……”

  Said here, Gustavo added: “In fact, the Rothschild family’s idea is very simple, is to not let me live here too much nourishment, they must also know that we are through our own means to the Brooklyn Prison inside the arrangement of new manpower, so they are now surely also want to let us consume a little bit, you have just heard Joseph also said that, to engage in a riot, I see that he’s not just talking about it, he’s probably planning this very thing, and if you guys go to war with Joseph at this time, you’ll just fall into his trap.”

  Alberto asked, “Boss, should we just keep putting up with them?”

  Gustavo nodded his head and said helplessly, “Right now, we can only endure, I’ve had people investigate this Joseph’s background, his family members are all dead, he’s the only one left, there’s nothing out there that can pin him down, and those people around him are also all grey level gang members, their family members died and ran away, they don’t have any worries, if we really push him to get anxious, we’ll be passive instead! He is not afraid of death, I still want to find a f*cking chance to leave America alive!”

  At this moment, Joseph walked towards his specific dining area while eating the steak cleanly, and then he drank a few mouthfuls of red wine to the bottle and sat down on his exclusive seat with a big grin.

  The minions around him had already brought lunch, and while each portion was large, it was essentially the same as what the other prisoners were eating.

  Joseph looked at the prison meal in front of him and cursed, “Damn, just finished half a steak that good, and then look at these, they’re like f*cking sh*t.”

  The other juniors looked depressed.

  The boss’s sentence of being like shit, should he eat or not eat?

  At this time, Joseph’s most trusted junior asked him in a low voice, “Boss, why is that Mexican so tolerant? Doesn’t fall for it at all!”

  Joseph coldly said, “Gustavo is more shrewd than a ghost, I think he has long guessed my purpose.”

  The little brother was busy asking, “What then?”

  Joseph stretched his back and said, “If the fish doesn’t take the bait, then we’ll have to find another way!”