Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6056

  Ye Chen didn’t expect that Lucas looked oily but had an unusual depth of seeing, so he asked him curiously, “Did you summarise all of this yourself, or did you hear it from someone else?”

  Lucas smiled to himself, “What can I summarise, knowing all this, it’s also because there was an inmate who was doing finance on Wall Street before, and he knew more about the Rothschild family, so he just gave me a little bit of science.”

  Saying that, Lucas added: “That person also told me, in fact, the main reason why the Rothschild family will secretly control this inconspicuous Brooklyn Prison is because it’s too close to Wall Street, for them, after controlling this place, they will be able to turn this place into their own shelter centre, and those drug lords, triads and financial criminals extradited from the United States. As long as they end up in Brooklyn Prison, then it must be the Rothschilds behind the scenes;”

  ”As for why Brooklyn Prison should engage in prisoner autonomy, is that the Rothschild family hope to make here the more chaotic the better, the best is three days on the inmates were beaten into serious injuries, every three weeks on the inmates died, as long as the outside world to build up such an impression, then they can want to get rid of the people also sent here, the death of the outside world will not cause concern, after all, Brooklyn Prison dead people are also common. It’s not uncommon for people to die in Brooklyn Prison.”

  As he was talking, a group of muscular men whose arms, necks and even faces were covered in tattoos walked out in large strides from the entrance of the second prison block.

  Multiple muscular men were clustered around a burly man with somewhat grey hair, who looked to be around forty or fifty years old, only that he had been working out all the time, so his body was kept very burly.

  Lucas said to Ye Chen, “That guy with grey hair is the boss of the second prison area, Joseph Norris.”

  Ye Chen asked him, “Does this person work with the Rothschild family as well?”

  Lucas shook his head, “He doesn’t, he’s been in this prison for many years, when the Rothschild family hadn’t taken control of this prison, he had already become the boss here, and it was only after the Rothschild family took over this place that they transformed the prison into two prison districts, and put Norris into the second prison district, and the first prison district was given to Gustavo. “

  Said Lucas added: “According to my speculation, the Rothschild family is trying to use Joseph to check and balance Gustavo, if you let Gustavo reign here, the Rothschild family is not good enough to directly pinch him, in that case, he lived too comfortable, leave Joseph here, Gustavo will have to be a little bit more scrupulous, after all, although Gustavo’s strength is strong. But mostly in Mexico, Joseph’s strength is not as strong as Gustavo’s, but here a call, if one day he really wants to tear his face off with Gustavo, as long as he shouts out, a lot of prisoners in District 1 will also stand on his side, including the one next to you just now, Dean.”

  Ye Chen gently nodded, covering Gustavo and not letting Gustavo live too comfortably, but also having a whip to compare with him from time to time, it seems that the Rothschild family’s hold on Gustavo is also very shrewd.

  At this time, that Joseph as soon as he came in, led his own little brother, towards the south side of the window of another area, during this time, many gang members see him, are very respectful to greet him, some seniority is deeper, and even shook hands with him to high-five.