Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6055

Hearing that the Rothschild family, would actually cooperate with a drug lord like Gustavo Sanchez, Ye Chen was more or less shocked.

  In his opinion, the Rothschild family is already the strongest family in the world, hundreds of years of historical precipitation, growing up to today must be a very loving big family, certainly will not be involved with the murder and arson drug trafficking crime syndicate.

  Therefore, the Rothschild family cooperated with Gustavo, and even put him in the prison that serves the home, which in Ye Chen’s opinion, is indeed somewhat less reasonable.

  Seeing that Ye Chen was somewhat less understanding, Lucas lowered his voice and said: ”The US government has been trying to extradite Gustavo to be tried at home, Gustavo’s side has also been fighting with the Mexican government explicitly and implicitly, hoping not to be extradited, and originally, Gustavo and his sons have been ready to create some big movement to obstruct, but finally or Rothschild family mediation, finally Gustavo agreed to be extradited to the United States to stand trial, but the prerequisite is that the United States can not be sentenced to death, and must let him in the Rothschild family control of the prison to serve his sentence.”

  Saying that, Lucas added: “Don’t look at Gustavo has enjoyed great privileges here, in fact, this prison is simply virtual for him, as long as he is willing, he can go out at any time, my informant in the laundry room once told me that there have been several times when someone took advantage of the opportunity of the nighttime deliveries to send in a person with a body dress that looks like Lucas, and after a night and then quietly sent out, and I’ve also heard that Gustavo has gone to the infirmary several times at night with sudden indisposition and stayed the whole night; I surmise that Gustavo has often buggered off at night, and that the man who was quietly brought in was just to lie in the infirmary for him for a night.”

  Ye Chen smiled slightly, “I didn’t expect the famous Rothschild family to go to great lengths for a drug dealer.”

  Saying this, he shrugged his shoulders and added, “But it’s not surprising, the Rothschild family has been inseparable from the opium trade since the 19th century, and even gained huge benefits from the opium wars against China, so maybe they’re still doing the same thing now.”

  Lucas shook his head, “It’s true that the Rothschilds don’t do business in this area now, the main reason why they cooperated with Gustavo was because of his crime syndicate’s actual influence in Mexico;”

  ”You know, Mexico is right under the eyes of the United States, and there are nearly two thousand miles of national border with the United States, there are too many articles that can be done in there, the Rothschild family has a very deep layout there, so deep that it is inextricably linked to the Mexican government as well as the entire country’s development direction;”

  ”As for Gustavo’s family, to put it bluntly, it’s a bomb they planted in Mexico, which can play a great role when needed, maybe one day a certain Mexican executive or even a member of parliament is killed by the drug cartel, and on the surface, they all think that it’s because they’re pissed off with the drug cartel, but in reality, it might just be because he pushed some of the interests that would impede the interests of the Rothschild family in Mexico policies.”

  Saying that, Lucas laughed and added, “Anyway, it’s all political that way, ordinary people like us can’t understand it, and what I just said is just a casual remark, without any legal responsibility.”