Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6054

Ye Chen looked surprised, not expecting the American Empire’s prisons to be so blatantly privileged, Sanchez’s dinner was simply a Michelin three-star French meal.

At this time, Sanchez’s men began to those meals are served out, placed in front of Sanchez, there is a junior skilfully open the Romanee Conti red wine, and from the first floor of the dining car to take out a winemaker with a red wine cup, will be poured into the red wine.

Ye Chen saw Dean drooling as he looked at the other man’s meal, and couldn’t help but ask him, “Has this Sanchez always been so high-profile in prison?”

“Right ……” Dean’s mouth wound was stung raw by the saliva, endured the pain and said to Ye Chen, “From the day Sanchez came in, he was this rowdy, and that chef is the one he brought from Mexico, it is said that the A part of the prison’s back kitchen is dedicated to his chef, and his three meals a day are taken care of by his chef every day.”

Saying that, Dean added with an envious look on his face, “Brooklyn Prison is a federal prison, and federal prisons don’t have conjugal visits, but Sanchez has the privilege of having three three-hour conjugal meeting times three times a week, and it’s rumoured that his henchmen out there send him some different styles of beautiful women in for his enjoyment every time… …”

Ye Chen saw his envy overflowing and asked curiously, “Why are you still so envious? Aren’t you a fag?”

Dean cried and said, “Sir …… but where I have the opportunity to encounter women, I will not engage in gay ah …… I was forced to do nothing, if someone sends me three beautiful women every week, beating me to death I I will not engage in gay ……”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and didn’t speak again, he had been keeping an eye on his surroundings, the people in the one or two prison areas had almost all arrived, but he still hadn’t seen Peter Zhou.

After typing up a meal, he didn’t go with Dean and the others to a fixed area to eat, instead he walked to the back near the queue and said to Lucas, “Lucas right? I’m a friend of Andrew’s, he asked me to come in and find you, said there was something you could look after me.”

As soon as Lucas heard Andrew’s name, he quickly pointed to a table in the corner and said to Ye Chen, “Buddy you wait for me at that table, I’ll be here in a bit.”

Ye Chen nodded and carried his dinner plate to that corner.

In Brooklyn Prison, all the inmates liked to get together and very few liked to sit in the corner, so there were no other inmates around Ye Chen.

A few minutes later, Lucas walked over with his dinner tray, sat down opposite Ye Chen, and asked him in a low voice, “What can I help you with?”

Ye Chen ate while lowering his voice, “I heard that a Chinese-American named Peter Zhou was imprisoned here a few months ago, have you received any news?”

“Peter Zhou?” Lucas thought for a moment and shook his head, “Never heard of this person, sure he was imprisoned here?”

Ye Chen nodded, “Sure, the source is very reliable, it shouldn’t be wrong.”

“Strange ……” Lucas said seriously, “What you said about Peter Zhou, I’ve really never heard of it before, and I have a list of new prisoners there that I collate and update every day, but this name hasn’t been seen. “

Ye Chen asked him, “Will he be held in solitary confinement somewhere in this prison?”

Lucas thought for a moment and said seriously, “I don’t dare to guarantee this with you, since you were introduced by Anglo, I can’t hide anything from you, to tell you the truth, although Brooklyn Prison is a federal prison on the surface, the actual controller is the Rothschild family.”

Saying that, he looked towards Sanchez who was leisurely cutting his steak and drinking red wine in the distance, and said to Ye Chen, “Look at that man, drug lord Gustavo Sanchez, he can eat steak and drink red wine here, not only because he is rich and powerful, but also because he has co-operation with the Rothschild family!”