Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6053

Ye Chen asked curiously, “Since that Gustavo Sanchez doesn’t look down on you guys, why doesn’t he let you guys follow other bosses?”

Dean said, “Gustavo Sanchez’s enemies are too many, it is said that when he was developing in Mexico, he directly and indirectly killed at least a few thousand people, of which there are still many of them there are government officials, Mexico alone wants to find his revenge on countless people, so he pays great attention to his own personal safety in prison, anyone who gangs up on him in a district has a certain threat to him, so once he finds out that someone in a district is ganging up on him, there is a certain threat to him. There are all certain threats to him, so once he finds out that someone in District 1 is ganging up on him, especially joining forces with someone in District 2, he will issue a death ultimatum, this guy has an armed force of his own in Mexico, and whoever messes with him will kill his entire family, and we can’t afford to mess with him.”

Ye Chen nodded, at this time, Dean looked at the entrance of District 1 and whispered to Ye Chen, “Sanchez is here!”

Ye Chen followed his gaze, only to see several brown-skinned Mexicans striding at the forefront, roughly pushing all the people on both sides to one side, and then a middle-aged man about one metre six and a half in height, short and fat, walked out expressionlessly, and behind him, several brown-skinned bodyguards followed.

Dean said to Ye Chen, “The people around Sanchez are all handpicked experts from his own armoury, specially coming in to protect him.”

Ye Chen was not surprised by this Sanchez, he had also come into contact with the Mexican crime syndicates, and comprehensively, there was no essential difference with the crime syndicates around the world, it was just that they were more brutal and bottomless than most of the crime syndicates.

At first in Mexico, Ye Chen had eradicated an entire criminal group by the roots, these lawless militants, although the means of brutality, but the combat power is not really strong, just have an overwhelming advantage over ordinary civilians, in front of the Palace of Ten Thousand Dragons, it is simply not enough to look at.

And Ye Chen came to Brooklyn Prison this time, also not to punish the evil and good to come, he only wanted to find the original Jiqing Hall that Zhou Liangyun, that is, his father’s old photo of that Peter Zhou, as for who is the boss of this prison, he does not care.

So, he asked Dean: “Has Lucas, the know-it-all, come yet?”

Dean searched around half a dozen times, pointed to a skinny young man in the crowd not far away and said, “That’s Lucas.”

At this moment, Lucas, who had just walked into the dining hall, was behind Ye Chen while queuing for his meal and exchanging pleasantries with the inmates around him.

Ye Chen made a note of Lucas’s appearance and prepared to find a chance to chat with him in a while.

And by this time, Sanchez’s group of a dozen or so people had already taken a seat by one of the largest windows on the south side, with Sanchez himself sitting at a six-person dining table by the window, while the others sat down in a semi-circle at the empty tables around him.

Ye Chen was just wondering why no one from this group of people went to get their meals when a few prison guards and a man in chef’s clothes pushed a food cart in, and although there was a stainless steel lid covering the top of that food cart, the strong aroma inside still made quite a number of inmates secretly swallowed their saliva.

The food trolley was pushed directly to Sanchez’s side, and his men immediately went up to open the lid to check it out, and inside there were many exquisite meals, including bread, salads, cold cut Spanish ham, soup with French escargot, and even more f*cked up, a three-quarter-rare top quality steak, as well as a bottle of Romanee Conti’s red wine.