Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6052

So, he subconsciously asked the prison guard in a low voice: “Can you help me change a cell? I’m not too comfortable staying in this cell ……”

As soon as John Lawrence’s words left his mouth, other than Ye Chen, all the other prisoners looked at him with a surprised expression.

The rules of the Brooklyn Prison were that internal matters were resolved internally, and whoever approached the prison guards for help was breaking the rules of the entire Brooklyn.

Therefore, they all wondered why John Lawrence suddenly sought help from the prison guards, could it be that by seeking help from the prison guards, they could get away from Ye Chen’s threat?

The prison guard was also a little surprised, and spoke, “Father, it’s very simple to change the cell, but the prisoner who looks for the prison guard to change the cell, won’t be welcome in the other cells, something like this happened before, the prisoner asked to change the cell, and as a result, it made it so that no cell was willing to have him, and after he had been changed, and after he had been beaten up, he could only go back to the original cell again, so I would suggest that you still shouldn’t change it.”

John Lawrence instantly tears, he also knows the rules of the prison, the reason why the impulse to propose to change the cell, but also because of the fear of Ye Chen, but on second thought, the guards said is not unreasonable, this prison inmates, do not like to break the rules of the people, even if he changed the cell, but also must be the unpopular one.

When he thought of this, he could only say with tears in his eyes, “I was just joking with you, I won’t change, I won’t change to death ……”

The prison guard patted his shoulder, and then spoke to the crowd, “All of you, leave your cells and head to the dining hall.”

With a command, a crowd of people lined up and walked out of their cells, heading to the dining hall with the other inmates in their cells.

Along the way, Ye Chen had been keeping an eye on the other inmates around him, hoping that he would be able to see Peter Zhou here, but he had not been able to spot him, and along the way he had seen quite a number of inmates who were also heading to the dining hall, with varying skin colours and a very wide age gap, but it was quite evident that tattooed, muscular and strong gang members made up about half of the prison in Brooklyn.

Moreover, Ye Chen also found that many of the inmates were carrying flesh wounds on their faces and bodies, and there were also people with bandages and crutches, which appeared to be the result of beatings, so it was no wonder that the prison guards didn’t care about it when they saw a few injuries in their cells.

The dining room of the Brooklyn Prison is large enough to accommodate one or two thousand inmates eating there at the same time.

As soon as the guards had brought everyone into the dining room, they retreated beyond the iron gates, and the place was then given over to the autonomy of the prison inmates.

It was the inmates who dined, and it was the inmates who were responsible for feeding all the inmates.

While queuing for the meal, Dean told Ye Chen, “Sir, when dining here, you can’t just sit around, almost every area has a fixed user, the seats by the window on the south side are almost divided by the bosses of the two prison blocks, and the minions beside them, like us, we can only sit by the window on the north side, where we can’t get any sunlight, but the sightline is still pretty good. “

Ye Chen asked him, “Do you have a boss in Brooklyn Prison?”

Dean shook his head and replied, “The boss of District 1 is Gustavo Sanchez, he doesn’t even look at us punks, and he doesn’t allow us to get too close to the boss of District 2, so we don’t dare to follow other bosses, otherwise, I would definitely want to hang out with the boss of District 2, after all, he originally came from the New York gang, and he’s our old-timer. “