Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6051

Fifteen prisoners in order to make Ye Chen satisfied as soon as possible, all still able to move, are at the first time to start cleaning, they will not change for a long time bedding all thrown into the bathroom, leaving a few people specifically responsible for cleaning, the rest of the people, a brain began to desperately clean all the hygiene.

As for those who were injured, as long as they could still move, they also tried their best to participate in it. Those who had broken their legs sat on the ground and wiped the lower part of the wall, and those who had broken their hands stepped on the towel and kept wiping around on the ground.

Thanks to the large number of people, and also thanks to the small area, it didn’t take too long for the group of inmates to clean the room cleanly and spotlessly.

None of the fifteen inmates thought that this cell would one day be cleaner than a five-star hotel.

They knew that if Ye Chen was even remotely dissatisfied with the hygiene, they would all be spared a beating.

Moreover, the flesh and skin pain that Ye Chen gave was really bitter!

The floor, which was originally sticky shoes when walking, was now shiny as new, and even required more care to avoid falling.

It’s just that the room smells like body odour and cigarette smoke for a long time, and it’s hard to get rid of it for a while.

So Ye Chen temporarily added another rule, no one was allowed to smoke in the cell or bathroom, or else he would slap his mouth for a hundred.

Although these prisoners all had serious smoking addictions, they didn’t dare to say half a word against it at this time.

At five thirty in the afternoon, dinner time arrived.

The prison guards came to count the number of people, when he saw the injured Dean, his expression was extraordinarily shocked, and he was about to ask about the original reason, then he saw several other prisoners with broken arms and legs, and his heart was even more shocked.

And then look at the new Ye Chen, the whole person cloudy and relaxed, can not see the appearance of half a bit of injury, he guessed that all this is Ye Chen.

However, he did not open his mouth to ask about this matter, the rules of Brooklyn Prison, he knows more than the prisoners, the prisoners here do not bother the guards non-essential, and the guards here, non-essential, but also do not ask the prisoners about internal matters.

The prison from top to bottom are carrying out three purposes, the first, don’t resist; the second, don’t die; the third, don’t escape.

In other words, as long as the inmates don’t hit the guards and stay in the prison and don’t die, the rest is none of their business.

As for conflicts and fights between wards, cells, or cells within the prison, they have always turned a blind eye.

Right now, these injured people didn’t ask for medical attention, which also meant that they themselves didn’t want the prison to intervene, so the guards didn’t even bother to ask, and only thought that after counting the number of people, they would let these inmates line up to go to the prison.

However, when he was allowed to see that John Lawrence’s face had swollen into a pig’s head, he couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Father, what’s wrong with you?”

John Lawrence shivered in fear when he heard the word priest and hurriedly spoke, “I am not a priest! I have long since lost my priesthood!”

In fact, John Lawrence had previously enjoyed being called a priest by the inmates.

After all, many inmates, despite their wickedness, still had religious beliefs in their hearts, and to be able to meet a fellow inmate priest in prison, even if they knew that the guy’s past was not too honourable, everyone would give him a few more points.

But John Lawrence knows that it is because he used to be a priest, so that Ye Chen is extraordinarily unhappy with himself, and in the future, a hundred slaps a day, think about it and feel unlovable.