Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6050

Dean said, “The boss of the second prison district is the boss in the New York gang ten years ago, Joseph Norris, he was very popular in New York in the beginning, he had a lot of minions under him, the Italians rose to prominence after he went to prison, when he was still on the outside, the gang of Italians from Sicily had to clamp their asses even when they farted in New York. “

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “How long until dinner time?”

Dean looked up at the electronic clock and hurriedly said, “Forty minutes to go.”

“Good.” Ye Chen said indifferently, “When we get to the restaurant, you introduce Lucas to me.”

Dean said respectfully, “Yes sir, I will definitely introduce you.”

Ye Chen smiled and suddenly asked him, “By the way Dean, I don’t think you’ll take the opportunity of the meal to tell off the prison guards, right?”

Dean quickly waved his hand and said, “No, no, sir, please rest assured, I definitely won’t tattle to Royal King, there is an unwritten rule inside this prison, internal problems are solved internally one should never seek the help of the prison guards, once a person opens his mouth to ask for help from the prison guards, that would be breaking the rules, and he will be reduced to a member of the lowest class inside this prison, and everyone will Bully him ……”

Dean wasn’t lying.

Inside this prison, there has long been this jungle rules, after all, can enter here is not a gang member, or felon or drug lord, these people have two common characteristics, the first characteristic is ruthless, the second characteristic is the most hate someone to the police inform.

So once someone is bullied in this prison and turns around and snitches to the guards, then he will be hated by everyone in this prison.

The people who made the rules in the first place, in order to completely stop people from snitching to the guards behind their backs, so they would always lynch the snitches to maintain the deterrent effect of the rules.

Over the years, quite a few people have been killed in this prison for snitching yes. They died in all sorts of strange ways, some because they were so upset about their snitching behaviour that they hanged themselves. Some died from a fall while walking, some choked on their toothbrushes while brushing their teeth, and some even suffocated to death because they could not take a sh*t.

After many deaths, the prison has almost completely eliminated the situation of internal snitching, and Dean is also considered an old face here, he knows the rules here very well.

In his opinion, although he was very angry at being beaten, tortured and humiliated by Ye Chen today, after all, he had survived for the time being, and as long as he still had a way to live, he absolutely could not go to snitch on him, because that would be the same as pushing his self to his death.

When Ye Chen heard him finish like this, he roughly understood the rules of survival in this prison, so he asked him again, “If a more serious violent conflict occurs in here, will the guards intervene?”

Dean truthfully said, “In this place, as long as it’s a violent conflict within the inmates themselves, they will never intervene, they usually let the inmates solve it themselves, and as long as no lives are lost, they will never show up.”

Saying that, Dean added: “Because Brooklyn Prison doesn’t have an outdoor playground, so the release here is connected with the meal time, usually after lunch, the guards will send everyone back to the prison area, and then let everyone move around freely in the area for one hour, that is, the doors of all the cells are open, so the prisoners can move around freely in the area, and if there are friends or enemies in the other cells, this is the time to go to him;”

“And after dinner, the guards will leave all the inmates to move around in the dining room as well as in the fitness area for one hour, and then send everyone back to their cells after one hour, and during this one hour, the inmates in both cells will be together, and if there is a friend or an enemy in the other cell, they can meet up with him at this time as well;”

“Twice a day during the release, the guards will withdraw from the release area, leaving the inmates free to move around, and the guards will not ask questions if there is a violent conflict between inmates.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “According to you, after going for dinner in a while, it will be the free activities of the two prison areas together?”

“Right.” Dean hurriedly said, “That what’s-his-name Peter Zhou that you’re looking for, if he’s in this prison and hasn’t been confined or sent for treatment for injuries, you’ll be able to see him during dinner!”