Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6048

“Alright!” Without thinking, the man raised his hand and drew it towards Lawrence, and the other prisoner didn’t dare to delay, and hurriedly stepped forward to join the man in firing left and right.

One hundred slaps did not wait to finish, these two people have been tired to lift the arm, and Lawrence is even worse, the face has been completely swollen, do not look carefully, like a body in the water soaked for half a month to float up by itself.

When the slaps were finished, Lawrence had completely fallen into unconsciousness, one of the people responsible for the slaps respectfully said to Ye Chen: “Sir, one hundred slaps have been finished, this old thing is now unconscious what should we do?”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “Throw him into the bathroom, don’t mind him.”

“Yes! Sir!” The man shouted, and together with his partner, carried the unconscious Lawrence into the bathroom.

The introductions continued.

Of the remaining men, most had been brought in for murder and assault, and almost all of them were New York gang members, a few were even Dean’s minions.

After all of these people had finished introducing themselves, Ye Chen looked towards the kid who had his leg kicked off and spoke, “Come on, tell us.”

The man said with trepidation, “I …… I’m called Mark …… Mark Bob …… was imprisoned for two years for second degree murder The …… sentence is forty years with a minimum of twenty years to serve ……”

Ye Chen looked at Dean again and faintly said, “Come on boss, it’s your turn.”

Dean said in fear, “Sir …… you …… you’re the boss ……”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Sorry, I accidentally took your spot.”

Dean hurriedly said, “Sir you must not say that, in front of you, I can only be a saddled little brother ……”

Ye Chen let out a light laugh and spoke, “Alright, introduce yourself.”

Dean humbly said, “Boss, my name is Dean, American, imprisoned for drug trafficking and murder, sentenced to life imprisonment.”

Ye Chen nodded and said in a loud voice, “Since everyone has finished introducing themselves, I will now say a few rules for this cell from today onwards, all of you prick up your ears and listen well, whoever breaks my rules, I will never be lenient!”

Once the crowd heard this, they hurriedly raised their spirits, and looked at Ye Chen without blinking, fearing that they would miss out on what he had to say that was important.

Ye Chen stretched out a finger at this moment and spoke, “Firstly, from now on, without my permission, everyone is strictly forbidden to fight and get laid in this cell, otherwise I will break his arms and legs, is that clear?”

A crowd of people said in unison, “Understood!”

Ye Chen stretched out another finger and coldly said, “Secondly, from now on, you people are strictly forbidden to talk to others about anything related to me outside this cell, otherwise I will make his life worse than death, is that clear?”

A crowd of people hurriedly said again, “Understood!”

Ye Chen nodded, stretched out three fingers, and continued, “Thirdly, from today onwards, all of you, every morning and evening, must brush your teeth and take a bath, and all bed sheets and bedding must be kept clean and fresh with no odour!”

“In addition, all of you will take turns mopping the floor once a day as well as cleaning the toilets once a day!”

“Listen up, what I’m saying is that everyone must mop the floor and clean the toilet once a day!”

“There are a total of fifteen of you, that’s fifteen cleanings a day, excluding meal and release time, the rest of the time is divided by fifteen and distributed evenly, when any one person is working, the others are responsible for supervising, and if you find any cleaning that is not in place, each person will give the cleaner two slaps on the face and urge them to rectify the situation, and if you wait until I find a problem, all of you will strip off at night for me to sleep in the toilet!”

“Another one, if I find out that anyone’s body or bedding is emitting an odour, this person will stay in the toilet for the next three days and not be allowed to come out, except for meals and release time; if other people go in to go to the toilet, he has to stay inside; if other people go in to get laid, he also has to stay inside, until he can clean himself up! “