Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6045

  Therefore, he wanted to intentionally use this trick to get an out in front of Ye Chen, and at the same time, he also used this seemingly righteous behaviour to make one thing clear to Ye Chen: he himself and Dean and the others, are not in the same gang, it’s fine if you want to mess with them, but don’t mess with me.

  Moreover, he also believed that since he was acting out of justice and had the identity of a priest to back him up, there was a high probability that he wouldn’t be targeted or even retaliated against by Ye Chen, and in that case, instead, he would be able to defend himself and even gain the favour and trust of the new king in this new era.

  But how could he have thought that his carefully planned chess game would be killed by Ye Chen’s move.

  In the past, when Dean was inflicting harm on anyone, instead of saying a word for those people, he even told Dean instead that God would not blame Dean for punishing those who were guilty.

  After all, anyone who could end up in prison wasn’t really clean, and stealing a wallet was also a sin, so this kind of talk from him was very much to Dean’s liking, which was why, he was able to stay here in the clear and never received any repercussions.

  Now, Ye Chen suddenly asked in front of everyone if he had ever spoken on behalf of those victims, how could he let himself answer? Wasn’t this killing and killing?

  Seeing that he didn’t say anything for half a day, Ye Chen directly slapped him in the face, causing him to spin in place several times and lose two of his front teeth.

  A slap in the past, the priest turned round and was about to fall down, Ye Chen grabbed him by the collar and looked at him and asked: ”Didn’t you just say quite a lot? This has all been moved out by you, how come you’re not talking now?”

  That priest was beaten to death, his face hurt like a firecracker exploding his cheeks directly inside his mouth, he covered his face and cried out, “I’m a priest, you can’t hit me! God will punish you!”

  Ye Chen smiled and asked him, “Since you are a priest a servant of God, let me ask you, how did you get in here? How can you, a priest who serves God, be a prisoner in Brooklyn Prison, what law did you break?”

  The priest was so flustered that he dared not say another word.

  Ye Chen turned to a brown-skinned kid beside the priest and questioned, “Come on, you tell me what this priest is in here for! If you don’t tell me or lie to me, you might end up even worse than that muscular man.”

  The brown-skinned kid was so scared that he shouted in a loud voice, “Sexual *assault! He’s in here because of se*ual assault!”

  Saying that, he added, “His name is John Lawrence, the famous pedophile in all of New York! And, he’s long since ceased to be a member of the clergy! Now he’s still talking big about his priest, it’s just a bunch of nonsense!”

  John Lawrence was immediately like a deflated ball, curled up in front of Ye Chen, shaking like a drum washing machine with a broken shaft.

  ”So it’s sexual *assault ah ……” Ye Chen skimmed his mouth, looked at John Lawrence, and shook his head, “John ah John, you say you, a big old man, can’t control your own body, and still can’t figure out your own situation, how pathetic?”

  Saying that, Ye Chen turned his words around, “But I still admire your courage, I definitely have to make proper arrangements for someone like you.”

  As soon as John Lawrence heard these words, a glimmer of hope flared up within his despairing heart.

  Instead, Ye Chen spoke, “Since you like to engage in that sort of thing so much, I definitely can’t let you hold back, so I’ll arrange a good candidate for you.”

  After saying that, he kicked Dean on the ground with his foot and spoke, “Listen to me, from today onwards, you have to make this Mr Lawrence’s heart happy every day in the way that you’re best at, or else, on behalf of Mr Lawrence, I’ll condemn you to a crime of incompetence, and take your dog’s life!”