Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6044

  As soon as the words fell, Dean struggled to stand behind the red line forged by his own blood.

  Ye Chen then stretched out another finger, “Two!”

  Although the others were completely scared into stupidity, but seeing that Dean, the victim, was the first to respond, no one dared to delay any longer, so a group of people lined up behind the red line.

  Ye Chen nodded his head at this point and faintly uttered one word: “Three!”

  At this moment, everyone had already lined up and stood, and the only one who didn’t come to line up was the tall and thin man who had just been kicked out by Ye Chen and slammed into the wall unconscious.

  Ye Chen stood up at this moment, walked around the wall, came to the back, looked at the tall and thin man who was already unconscious, directly grabbed his slightly curly hair, and dragged him alive to the front of the wall.

  Afterwards, Ye Chen threw him on the ground, letting him lie there motionless like a dead dog, and turned to the remaining dozen or so people and said: ”I just said, if I count to three and any of them don’t come to stand still, this guy lies there motionless like a dead dog, not taking my words seriously at all, in that case, how can I lead this team in the future? So, I’ll break one of his legs today in front of you all, so that you know that I’m a man of my word!”

  The crowd was dumbfounded as they listened, thinking in their hearts, “Isn’t the reason why this guy is as motionless as a dead dog thanks to you? How can you still blame him so righteously?

  When they were confused, they only saw Ye Chen lift his foot and stomped down hard on the tall and thin man’s right leg.

  With a click, the bone broke with a sound.

  Immediately after that, the man was instantly awakened from his coma, rolling around and crying as he clutched his crippled leg.

  The others looked dumbfounded one by one, who could have expected that Ye Chen would not even let go of an unconscious one? He was obviously unconscious, so how could he come over and line up when he counted to three? Isn t this bullying honest …… Oh no, isn t this bullying?

  Just when a group of people were too terrified to speak, in the crowd, a middle aged white man in his fifties said with trepidation, “You …… you can’t treat a person who is already unconscious like this, it’s not fair!”

  ”Fair?” Ye Chen, however, said with a bashful face at this moment, “It is often said that a gentleman’s word is a promise, and as I walk the streets, what I am talking about is not fairness, but honesty! Saying that whoever doesn’t come to the parade will break one of his legs, never go back on my word.”

  Saying that, Ye Chen frowned at him and asked curiously, “Boss, where exactly are you from? How dare you speak for him at this time?”

  The middle-aged white man gathered his courage and said, “I am a priest! A servant of God! I speak for justice!”

  Ye Chen sneered, “Sorry, I’m an atheist and don’t believe in God.”

  ”You ……” that priest said somewhat nervously, “Even if you don’t believe in God, you can’t blaspheme God!”

  Ye Chen laughed, “You’re quite good at putting labels on people, when have I blasphemed God? I just don’t put his servants in my eyes.”

  Saying that, Ye Chen walked up to him, looked straight into his eyes and asked, “Honestly, when did you enter this prison?”

  That priest pursed his lips and said in a panic, “Three …… three years ago ……”

  Ye Chen nodded and asked again, “Then how long have you lived in this cell?”

  The priest nervously replied, “Two …… two years and three months ……”

  Ye Chen nodded again and pointed at Dean on the floor, then asked, “You’ve lived here for so long, you should have seen this guy torturing quite a few of your mutual cellmates, right? I want to know, when he tortured those people, did you speak for those people?”

  ”I ……” The priest was speechless for a moment.

  He didn’t really want to speak for the tall skinny guy, nor did he really want to beg for mercy or justice for him, he just realised that a new era had begun in this cell, and when Ye Chen picked the toilet brush out of Dean’s mouth and walked out of the bathroom, it meant that he had ascended to the throne and become the new king of this place.