Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6043

  He froze, but did not feel anything unusual yet, just smiled lewdly and said, “Oops, our Asian beauty, he himself can’t help but want to come out to find the second one?”

  Ye Chen laughed and picked Dean, who was on the inside of the door, to him with one hand, and smiled, “It seems like you want to be the second one very much.”

  The tall, skinny man, at this moment as if he had seen an evil ghost that had been skinned, was terrified beyond measure, his mouth was wide open, but he could not say anything or even make any sound.

  How could he not dare to imagine that this man in front of him, who was even more miserable than a clown, was actually Dean, the boss that he had worshipped for a long time and had followed for a long time.

  When Dean saw him, he subconsciously wanted to open his mouth to call for help, but his mouth was still deadlocked by the toilet brush, he desperately opened his mouth, and the blood and secretion of saliva in his mouth instantly gushed out wildly, scaring that tall skinny man’s scalp to the point of numbness.

  The others knew that Dean had a bad temper, and in this situation, although they liked to watch the fun, apart from the tall and thin man, almost no one dared to come to see it, so they didn’t know what was going on yet.

  As for the tall skinny man, his entire body collapsed in fear, and subconsciously wanted to retreat, but just as his foot took a step back, Ye Chen lifted his foot and viciously kicked him in the chest.

  With a boom, the tall and thin man, directly from the bathroom door, in a parabola, flew out backwards, and then smashed on the opposite wall with a bang, the whole person almost didn’t almost hum a sound, and then completely fainted.

  The other people in the cell were startled by this sudden scene, all of them subconsciously came over to have a look, and then they saw the miserable Dean.

  Everyone couldn’t believe this scene in front of their eyes, and for a moment, they didn’t know what to do, while Ye Chen forcefully pulled the toilet brush out of Dean’s mouth, and then with a cold smile, he said to Dean, “Come on, if there’s anything you want to say to these little brothers of yours, say it now.”

  The moment the toilet plug was jerked out, Dean wanted nothing more than to shout ‘Finish him off for me’.

  However, the words came out of his mouth, but he couldn’t say them anyway.

  In his heart, he already knew very clearly that Ye Chen’s combat power, in this cell, was an absolute descending blow.

  If he allowed these juniors to make a move against him, not to mention whether or not these juniors would be killed by him, simply because of this treacherous behaviour of his, Ye Chen would definitely not let himself go.

  Seeing that Dean didn’t say anything, Ye Chen slapped him on the face and said in a cold voice, ”Weren’t you quite a fucking talker just now? As soon as I entered this cell, your broken mouth never fucking stopped, why are you playing deep now?”

  Dean was slapped so hard that several of his teeth were knocked out, and the sharp pain made his brain feel as if it had been repeatedly and violently stabbed by countless iron needles.

  And the others felt even more thunderstruck as they watched Dean being beaten.

  They also know that Dean’s fighting strength is strong to the extreme, even Dean was destroyed into this kind of bird, their own people are afraid to add up is also not enough to look at.

  So a group of people subconsciously retreated backwards, not daring to come forward to provoke Ye Chen again.

  And Ye Chen at this time pulled over a plastic chair, directly sat in front of a dozen people, and then picked up the blood-stained toilet brush, in front of the ground with a force, the ground appeared on a red line composed of blood.

  Subsequently, Ye Chen said indifferently, “You guys give me quite a good time, I’ll give you three seconds to line up and stand behind this line, after I count to three, if there is still someone who hasn’t stood properly, I’ll break one of his legs.”

  After saying that, Ye Chen then stretched out a finger and shouted, “One!”