Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6042

At this moment, Dean didn’t dare to have any more doubts about every word Ye Chen said.

  When he heard that Ye Chen was going to keep destroying himself until he perished, his heart was as desperate as a person who grew up in a tropical rainforest and had never seen ice or snow in nature, suddenly being thrown into a pool filled with liquid nitrogen.

  He knew that he was no match at all in front of Ye Chen, and he also knew that those juniors outside of him were definitely not Ye Chen’s opponents, so he knew even more that there was no possibility for him to get out of it now.

  If his juniors realised that something was wrong and killed them, then it was estimated that they would all be subdued by Ye Chen, and he would still not be able to be saved.

  And now, there were still at least four hours before dinner time.

  Now, he no longer thought about how to take revenge, or even how to save his face and dignity, he only wanted to beg Ye Chen to stop this inhumane torture and humiliation.

  Who would have thought that the honour and self-respect that he was willing to defend with his own death as well as the deaths of others in the first place would be completely stabbed through and shattered by the worn out, dirty and unbearably smelly toilet brush in his mouth.

  Kneeling on the ground, he could only nod his head desperately with the toilet brush in his mouth, his hands constantly bowing above his head, just like a well-trained teddy dog, trying to use the most humble attitude to get back Ye Chen’s forgiveness.

  Ye Chen looked at his miserable condition kneeling on the ground, laughed coldly, and opened his mouth to ask: “Wasn’t there someone who used to beg me on their knees just like you did on your knees?”

  Dean’s expression was instantly stunned, and in his heart, he couldn’t help but recall a few familiar and unfamiliar faces, those, all of them, were the wretches who had been tortured to death by inhumane means or tortured to the point of committing suicide by him.

  In fact, to purely talk about brutality, Dean was far more brutal than Ye Chen.

  He could use the most cruel, violent, and humiliating means on the most innocent, weak, and pitiful people, and take pleasure in it.

  But Ye Chen, even if his methods were ruthless, he never hurt the innocent.

  When Ye Chen saw that Dean didn’t dare to make any response, he smiled slightly and spoke, “This is the first time you and I have met, and I don’t quite understand your past, but it doesn’t matter, those people out there must know a lot about what you’ve done, so let them come and tell me what kind of evil you’ve done!”

  Saying that, Ye Chen grabbed the end of the toilet brush and forcefully picked it upwards, directly picking up Dean who was kneeling on the ground.

  And with that, what brought Dean was the pain in his mouth that was many times more intense, he felt that there was no longer even a single piece of good skin the size of a pinpoint in his mouth, it was all that bloody and festering, and the pain was excruciating.

  As for Ye Chen, he never had any sympathy for this kind of person.

  Don’t look at Dean who had already collapsed for several rounds, but in Ye Chen’s opinion, this was nothing more than a small appetiser.

  After picking him up with the toilet brush with one hand, Ye Chen walked to the door of the bathroom and gently twisted the door handle.

  Outside at this moment, fifteen manpower, seven or eight of them were all excited.

  There was even a tall skinny guy who had already been somewhat unable to hold back, unzipping his trouser belt while saying to the few people around him, “Boss is done, it’s time for me to have a good time!”

  Saying that, he ran to the door in three or two steps, waiting for the bathroom door to open with an expectant face.

  The moment the door opened, he looked around to see the situation inside, then said with a fawning face, “How does the boss feel ……”

  As soon as his words fell, he realised that what was standing in front of him was actually Ye Chen with a cold face.