Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6041

Don’t look at Dean’s big body, a piece of chest muscle are hate than the adult’s head is still bigger than a circle, but the mouth of this goods, compared to it is really not very big.

When the thick and full of hard burrs of the toilet brush, hard to be stuffed into his mouth by Ye Chen, both corners of his mouth was immediately opened two bloody mouth.

Dean was trembling in pain, but Ye Chen had no mercy at all, and with a forceful move of his hand, he shoved the entire head of the toilet brush into Dean’s mouth.

Afterwards, he brushed it a few times as hard as he brushed a toilet, and immediately, Dean’s mouth was full of blood that kept bleeding out.

Dean felt that his entire mouth and throat hurt like hell, and the hard plastic bristles had already brushed countless bloody wounds out of his mouth, and his entire body almost collapsed, and his tears couldn’t be controlled to stay out.

He wanted to attract the attention of the juniors outside the door by desperately whimpering, so that they could come in to rescue themselves, but the bathroom door had already been closed by himself, his mouth was stuffed by the toilet brush, and his throat was pinched by Ye Chen’s fingers, so even if he desperately whimpered, it was only as faint as a kitten feeding on milk, and could not be heard by the people outside at all.

Dean, who had no hope of help, could only raise his hands to the top of his head with difficulty, and prayed to Ye Chen with his eyes with a miserable face.

Ye Chen temporarily stopped the action in his hands, left the toilet brush in his mouth, and asked him with a cold smile, “Didn’t you just want to teach me how to survive in Brooklyn? Why are you crying like a pussy now instead? Can you stand up to this muscular body of yours?”

Dean couldn’t speak, and couldn’t care about Ye Chen’s humiliation, and even more so, he couldn’t control the tears that broke the dike, so he could only look at Ye Chen with even more humble eyes, hoping that Ye Chen would be merciful.

Ye Chen, however, didn’t have any sympathy for him, poked that toilet brush deeper again, and asked him rhetorically: ”What else did you just say? To shove something somewhere?”

Dean shook his head in fear, but Ye Chen continued, “Yo, don’t admit it, right? Well, aren’t you good at that? Why don’t I help you shove this toilet brush behind you, so that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself?”

Dean only felt five thunderbolts, he saw that Ye Chen had a stern and cold face, not at all like he was intimidating himself, his whole body trembled in fear, afraid that Ye Chen would really do it.

So he softened his knees and plopped down on the ground, his hands clasped together and gathered on top of his head, constantly using hand gestures to beg Ye Chen for forgiveness.

Ye Chen looked at his fearful to the core and asked curiously, “What? Are you afraid?”

Dean nodded his head vigorously in succession, shaking his tears everywhere.

With a twist of his wrist, Ye Chen twisted the toilet brush around in his mouth one more time, a stream of sacrificial blood mixed with saliva, one after another flowing down both corners of his mouth, Dean’s heart was, at this moment, completely broken.

Seeing that every one of Dean’s blood vessels were throbbing furiously in pain, and his heart had also collapsed, but Ye Chen was not prepared to let him go, but instead said in a cold to the extreme, ”Remember this for me! As long as I still look at you, it’s useless for you to be afraid, it’s useless for you to beg for forgiveness, I’ll randomly, improvisedly, and for no reason keep hitting you and destroying you like you used to do when you were bullying the weak, until you completely perish!”