Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6040

Dean grunted and laughed, “Let me check the goods for everyone first! When I’m done, everyone who is interested can go in and have a good time!”

With that, he darkened his face, looked at Ye Chen, and coldly said, “Go, follow me to the bathroom!”

Ye Chen nodded, pointing at his foot that stepped on his bed, and said indifferently, “The account of the shoe prints, I’ll settle it with you later.”

After saying that, he tidied up his clothes and took the first step towards the bathroom.

Dean grunted and said to the people watching around him, “Character, I like it, you guys wait outside, no one is allowed to peek, or else I’ll rip his head off!”

The crowd burst into laughter and nodded their heads repeatedly, then that Dean walked in towards the bathroom as well.

As soon as he entered the bathroom, he closed the door and said to Ye Chen with a lewd smile on his face, “Since the last time that kid committed suicide, there have been days when I haven’t encountered such a tender skin like you, if you listen to me, I can let you walk horizontally in Brooklyn, but if you don’t listen to me, I’ll make every second of your life here worse than death!”

Ye Chen looked at him, covered his nose and questioned, “Why is your fucking mouth so stinky, listening to you talk is fucking smoky eyes, don’t you usually brush your teeth?”

“F*ck!” Dean saw Ye Chen ridiculing himself and immediately cursed, “You fucking think my mouth stinks? Let me tell you, the rest of me stinks even more! I’ll shove it in your mouth and let you taste it!”

After saying that, he reached out to undo the belt on his trousers and laughed: “Kid, today I’ll give you a good lesson, teach you how to survive in Brooklyn Prison!”

“Lesson?” Ye Chen sneered, “Then why don’t I give you a lesson in hygiene first!”

Saying that, Ye Chen’s right hand suddenly pinched his neck with a lightning fast momentum, and his thumb pressed hard on the knot of his throat, almost crushing it.

Dean didn’t expect that the skinny Ye Chen would be the first to turn on him, and even more so, Ye Chen’s arm, which didn’t seem to have any muscles at all, was incredibly powerful! Being pinched by his neck, it was as if his own brain was momentarily deprived of oxygen, and his neck was in severe pain, so much so that his body could not use half of its strength.

He was practicing fitness for many years, and has always been fitness direction is strength, completely towards the direction of Hercules, in his opinion, his own physical strength, in the entire Brooklyn prison, can also rank into the top five, how can be a skinny Asian male crushed!

He was in severe neck pain, no matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t let Ye Chen’s fingers loose even the slightest bit, and the whole person couldn’t breathe in half a minute of air at all, and his face was soon suffocated in a dark blue and purple colour.

He wanted to beg for mercy, but he could not speak at all, and the look in his eyes towards Ye Chen had completely changed from the previous contempt and lewdness to deep fear.

Ye Chen looked at his terrified look and sneered, “Saying that your mouth stinks, you are still unconvinced, it looks like you didn’t like brushing your teeth since you were a kid, and you grew up to be even dirtier and lazier, come on, I’ll teach you how a stinky mouth like yours should be brushed!”

Saying that, Ye Chen’s left hand took the toilet brush beside the toilet, his right hand pinched open his mouth, and directly shoved the dirty toilet brush straight into his mouth.