Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6039

Dean saw that Ye Chen ignored him, then some annoyed, immediately rushed up, lived Ye Chen’s collar, clenched his fists and gesticulated at Ye Chen: “Kid, I’m fucking talking to you, you don’t fucking understand the words?”

Ye Chen frowned, coldly said, “Your mouth really stinks, your body also stinks, the whole cell is a disgusting stench, it seems that the hygiene of this cell is to be scratched.”

Saying that, Ye Chen pushed his hand away and simply tidied up his bed.

Dean did not expect, Ye Chen dared to talk to him like this, his heart was more or less doubtful, worrying that Ye Chen had some kind of background that he could not afford to mess with, so he stepped on Ye Chen’s bed, and asked in a cold voice: ”Kid, you’re really fucking bold, what’s the origin? Report it! If you can name something, I can give you face, but if you can’t, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Ye Chen looked at his dirty feet, which left a shoe print on his bed, and coldly said, “I don’t have any origins, but I’m just an illegal immigrant who was caught by the Immigration Bureau, you don’t need to give me face, and I’m not going to give you face, now take your dirty feet away from me, and wipe the footprints for me!”

Dean’s entire body was instantly stunned, who in this cell hadn’t to treat himself with respect? On weekdays, he himself could beat whoever he wanted to beat and sleep with whoever he wanted to sleep with.

But he never dreamed that a weak and delicate looking Asian would dare to speak out in front of his muscular self.

The others also didn’t expect Ye Chen, the newcomer, to be so brave and dare to talk to the cell’s boss in such a way, all of them were shocked and curious, wanting to see what Dean would do to teach this boy who didn’t know the sky and the earth a lesson.

It should be known that Dean was a standard American muscle man, big and strong, so in a place like prison where fists were hard, his force value was relatively high as well, and in this cell, no one was his opponent at all.

Moreover, the entire cell not counting Ye Chen had a total of fifteen people, seven or eight of which were Dean’s minions, and the rest of them were very scornful of Dean, and didn’t dare to mess with him at all.

At this time, Dean gritted his teeth with an annoyed face and said: ”Kid, you probably don’t know what kind of place you’ve come to! Let me tell you, here, everything is up to me Dean, if I tell you to stand, you can’t sit, if I tell you to lie down, you can’t lie down! You’ll do what I tell you to do, you’ll eat what I tell you to eat, you’ll swallow what I tell you to swallow, or else I’ll make your life worse than death!”

Ye Chen saw that apart from the threatening look on his face when he spoke, he also carried a complete lewdness, and asked him with an expressionless face, “Are you gay?”

Dean clenched his fists into a cackle, “I’m not gay, but here, I like guys with fine skin like you to serve me!”

Ye Chen nodded, “Want me to give you service huh? Exactly what kind of service is it, come tell me about it.”

Dean let out a sardonic laugh and said, “There’s no point in saying that, why don’t I take you to the bathroom and teach you a little bit, so that you can directly do some practical work!”

“Woohoo!” A group of people have applauded, some people even said excitedly, “Boss, it’s not even dark yet and you’re going to have a good time? Can you let me have a good time too when you’re done?”