Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6038

Soon, the prison guards brought Ye Chen to the door of the cell number eight he was assigned to.

Originally, the inmates inside were giggling and messing around, but when the guard shouted through the door, all the inmates honestly lined up in the centre of the cell.

The two guards waiting at the door checked the number of people through the bars before using the intercom to notify their colleagues to open the fence door, and then the two men went in to check and confirm that there were no problems before instructing the guards with Ye Chen behind them, and the guards then pushed Ye Chen and brought him into the cell.

As soon as he entered the cell, Ye Chen smelled a sour odour, body odour, foot odour mixed with the stench of the bedding, coupled with the smell of the toilet, it was sickening.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but frown as soon as he entered, but the prisoners inside didn’t care about the filthy odour inside at all.

One of them, a white man with a muscular body and a big moustache?saw Ye Chen’s disgusted face, and even couldn’t help but smile and tease, “Wow, our Asian beauty doesn’t seem to be too happy with the hygiene conditions we have here!”

The surrounding gang burst into laughter, one of the slim black men laughed lewdly, “Boss, this man looks fine and tender, he should be to your liking!”

The muscular man laughed, “I’ll make him get used to my body odour as soon as possible, as well as my little old man!”

The crowd even laughed at the birth, Ye Chen frowned at the muscular man, ten thousand ways to torture him instantly flashed through his mind.

And that muscle man saw Ye Chen looking at him, but also deliberately towards Ye Chen raised his eyebrows, a face of lewdness and teasing.

At this time, the prison guard in the lead opened his mouth to introduce Ye Chen and said, “This is your new roommate, and he will sleep in bed number 16 from now on.”

After saying that, he looked at the muscular man again and reminded, “Dean, you’d better restrain yourself a little bit, what happened last time, it’s not quite over yet, and you’ve already caused this kind of trouble several times.”

“Sh*t!” That muscle man bristled, “I just screwed that kid a few times, I was supposed to bring him pleasure, but he couldn’t think of anything on his own and had to kill himself, can you blame me for that?”

“That’s right!” A prisoner laughed and chimed in, “It was his good fortune that the boss favoured him! What’s there to think about?”

Saying that, he hemmed and hawed and asked the guard, “Sir, is that kid dead?”

“This one is fine, he’s not dead yet, he’s still being rescued at the moment.” The prison guard said with a dark face, “However, it’s still unclear if he’ll survive, so you guys shouldn’t cause any more trouble for me lately.”

Saying that, he glanced at Ye Chen and said to the muscular man called Dean, “There are some things, it’s not that they can’t be done, it’s just that you also have to grasp the scale, so don’t cause any more trouble for us.”

The muscle man hemmed and hawed, “Don’t worry don’t worry, I’ll grasp the scale!”

The prison guard nodded, and then didn’t bother with Ye Chen any more, turned around with the other two prison guards and walked out.

The fence door then closed automatically.

The dozen or so people who were still lined up instantly all loosened up as well, and the muscular man named Dean looked at Ye Chen and said with a cold smile, “Hey, newcomer! Let me tell you about the rules of this cell.”

Ye Chen ignored him and walked straight to his bed number sixteen.