Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6037

The inch-haired man was shocked and looked at Ye Chen’s back and spoke, “Dude did you kill someone or set them on fire? I heard that American prisons can be fucking chaotic, you can be more careful!”

Ye Chen waved his hand without looking back and spoke, “Don’t worry, see you later.”

The yellow-skinned policeman led Ye Chen to the office area, and at an unoccupied corner, whispered to Ye Chen, “Sir, our chief has already taken the fast track, and will send you to Brooklyn Prison right away, there is an informant of mine there, you can look for him when you arrive, his name is Lucas, a Brazilian, known as the Brooklyn Prison Jack of all Trades, and about the situation inside the prison, the You can ask him about it, just tell him that you were introduced to him by Andrew, and he will certainly spare no effort to co-operate with you.”

“Okay. I’ll make a note of it.” Ye Chen gently nodded, thinking that this police officer should be a member of the Fei family’s intelligence network below, for a top big family like the Fei family, they would definitely spend a lot of manpower and resources to weave an intelligence network of their own in the United States, up to the Congress, down to the police station as well as within all the major governmental organisations, there would surely be people of theirs.

Moreover, for the sake of their own security and confidentiality, this intelligence network will definitely be divided into many different layers, the top layer down to control, the following layer up to serve, and do not allow leaping layers of command, leaping layers of reporting, and even a lot of sensitive information should be isolated layer by layer.

Sometimes, only the people at the highest layer might know that they were serving the Fei family, and apart from them, the layers below would not even know that they were actually part of the Fei family’s intelligence network, and in this way, it would ensure that this intelligence network was safe enough.

Soon, Ye Chen went through a process of transferring to a prison at the immigration office, and was then directly led by the police to the Brooklyn Prison.

Although Brooklyn Prison wasn’t that big, because it was itself in Brooklyn, the most chaotic and crime-ridden neighbourhood in New York, the inmates incarcerated here were also mostly felons, and most of them were gangsters who killed and set fires, robbed and trafficked drugs.

Within New York’s prison system, Brooklyn Prison is the most chaotic and worst environment, there is no one, almost all the prison guards, do not want to work in this prison.

When Ye Chen was brought to Brooklyn Prison, after going through a quick intake process, he was quickly assigned to the first cell block of the prison.

Brooklyn Prison, due to its location in the city, was an overall closed, multi-storey, independent building, and did not have an open-air playground, so the public, indoor activity area was in the centre of the entire building.

On either side of the common area are the first and second wards, where inmates can only meet during meals and activities.

After Ye Chen finished the formalities and changed into his prison uniform, he took his toiletries and followed the prison guards to the first prison area.

After entering the prison area, Ye Chen realised that the prison was even dirtier than a refugee camp.

Here, there is no American film and television drama in the kind of two people a room, also equipped with independent toilets in the cell, here a cell, and even crowded dozens of people, all kinds of ethnic prisoners are like sardine cans are locked up in them, the room in addition to the bed is still a bed, overcrowded.

Ye Chen walked all the way here, all the cells he passed by were extraordinarily noisy, there were even quite a few good people who saw a new prisoner coming in, shouting, whistling, smashing the bars with plastic quilts through the bars with clangs, shouting some titles like rookie and so on, there were even quite a few perverted men with perverted faces, when they saw the fine skinned and tender Ye Chen, they even shouted out some unpleasant obscene words.

Ye Chen walked all the way through with an expressionless face, noting down all the looks that shouted at him one by one, especially those animals with perverted faces, which were even more disgusting to him, so he couldn’t help but murmur, “This sh*tty place, it’s time to fix it up.”