Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6036

Said, he also said to Ye Chen: “Buddy you are not asking why I did not go to Los Angeles? In fact, I started to go to Los Angeles, from Mexico after the flip in, a large group of us first rushed to Los Angeles, only to find out, which fucking job so high wages ah, all fucking intermediary made up, I slept on the street for ten days, every day can only eat a little food relief, that food relief is just barely eat a three full, and then is to sleep on the street, the tent is not to let the old black robbed well, a fellow townspeople said that the competition in Los Angeles is too fucking fierce. L.A. is too damn competitive, or come to New York to try your luck.”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “The west coast to the east coast is so far, how do you come over?”

The inch-haired man heatedly smiled, “Pickpocket train to come, the old fucking far, thanks to follow a few old American homeless bums, they pickpocket train all day and night everywhere, we followed all the way to New York, hands are pickpocket bald skin;”

“After coming to New York, indeed also sigh New York is really fucking prosperous ah, such a big city, there can always be a place for me to land, right? Then I thought to Chinatown to find a job, work is found, to the Chinese restaurant delivery, but I do not have a car ah, can not leg children to send it, simply stole a bicycle, this is not let caught in.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and spoke, “So what are your next plans?”

The inch man said despondently, “I don’t know ah, according to me this thing is not worth shutting down the prison, you don’t know, American prisons are fucking almost burst, illegal immigrants thieves, the probability of shutting down a few days on the release of the out, I would have thought that I can repatriate back to it, but the result is that they are now also lazy to care about this thing, I’m out of this, but also have to sleep on the street! ……If I had known that the United States of America was like this, I wouldn’t have come.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “If you can find the opportunity, it’s better to go back to your country.”

The inch man shook his head, “I want to go back, but I don’t have a passport ah, and no money, and the Americans don’t repatriate me, how can I go back, can’t go back the same way and then take the line back again, this trip costs more than 10,000 U.S. Dollars it ……”

Ye Chen shrugged, “Then find a way to save more money to go back.”

The inch-headed man was about to cry, “Big brother I just saved up a long time to come, all the way to the lifetime not eaten cry all eaten, if you save up a long time to go back, I’m not wrong ah I ……”

Ye Chen could not help but be dumbfounded and asked him, “What kind of work did you do before you came?”

“Me?” The man hemmed and hawed and said, “Construction site, takeaway, casual labour, group acting, anything anyway.”

Ye Chen nodded his head, in this situation, it was not good for him to comment more.

The life of illegal immigrants is inherently difficult, in general, only the local bottom are not willing to do the work, it will be the turn of illegal immigrants, Chen Zhaozhong year in Hong Kong Island is the leading financial field, but to the United States, can only open a roast goose shop to make ends meet, let alone this kind of body without skills of the ordinary people.

At this time, the inch man himself said quietly: “But to tell the truth, I can go back I really want to go back …… This place is too different from what I imagined ……”

At this time, several more illegal immigrants were brought in by the police and put into the detention room, and one of the yellow-skinned policemen looked at Ye Chen and opened his mouth, “Ye Chen come out with me.”

The inch-haired man asked curiously, “Dude, he’s calling you?”

“It’s calling me.” Ye Chen nodded and greeted the inch-haired man, “Let’s go.”

The inch-haired man said with some loss, “Why did you just come in and let it out?”

The yellow-skinned cop gave the inch man a look and said with an expressionless face, “He’s being transferred to Brooklyn Prison!”