Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6035

At noon, when Ye Chen was sitting alone in a Sichuan restaurant in Chinatown to have a meal, two Immigration Bureau police cars flashed their lights silently and suddenly stopped at the entrance of the restaurant.

Ye Chen took everything in his eyes yet pretended to have no intention of doing so and continued to eat with his head down.

At this time, several police officers quickly rushed in, took a photo and compared it to the guests in the restaurant, suddenly rushed in front of Ye Chen and questioned in a loud voice, “Are you the Ye Chen who was smuggled into the United States from Malaysia?”

Ye Chen raised his head and innocently shook his head, “Not ……”

The policeman checked the photo again, then sneered and said to the colleague beside him, “That’s him, take him away!”

As soon as the words fell, several policemen rushed forward, twisted Ye Chen’s arms to his back, and in the process, they wanted to handcuff him.

Ye Chen pretended to struggle a few times, when the other side to touch the gun action, he hurriedly honest up no longer struggle to resist.

Afterwards, the police handcuffed him, took him out of the hotel, and stuffed him into the back of one of the police cars.

The police car roared along, heading straight for the immigration office.

At this time, the police officers did not know anything about Ye Chen, they only knew that their superiors informed them that a Malaysian illegal immigrant suspected of multiple thefts had appeared in a restaurant in Chinatown, and told them to make haste to apprehend the person.

After several people brought Ye Chen back to the immigration office, they confiscated the Malaysian passport he was carrying, as well as an old, worthless mobile phone and more than two hundred US dollars in cash.

After checking the identity information on the passport, the Immigration Bureau then confirmed Ye Chen’s status as an illegal Malaysian immigrant.

Ye Chen was then temporarily placed in the Immigration Department’s detention room to await the next step in the process.

When Ye Chen arrived at the detention room, there were already at least two dozen people locked up in the small detention room, all of whom had different skin colours, and each of whom looked very dishevelled and frightened.

Seeing Ye Chen come in, these people all aimed their gazes at him, and then an Asian man with a scruffy moustache asked him in heavily accented English, “Are you Japanese?”

Ye Chen shook his head, “I’m Malaysian, my parents are Chinese.”

Another Asian-faced inch-haired man asked excitedly upon hearing this, “Buddy, I’m Chinese, we’re considered half compatriots!”

Ye Chen nodded and asked him, “How did you get in?”

The inch head man smiled, self-deprecating: “How can it be in, walk the line was caught in the chant, a no identity, no income, with the money on the way to walk the line also let the people robbed, came to the U.S. did not have a place to stay, every day in the park tent, tent also fucking let the old man black snatched away, I want to steal a bike to send delivery, the results of the police were caught, to send here. “

Ye Chen frowned: “You walk the line in, according to theory should go to Los Angeles ah, where it is closer to Mexico, how to run to New York?”

The inch-haired man slapped his thigh, “Dude you know the line too! You also walk the line in?”

Ye Chen shook his head, “I came in by boat.”

The inch-haired man was a little disappointed and sighed, “Or you guys on a boat is good ah, from the old home on the boat, wobbling for a month will also be there, unlike us walking the line, this way, the old fucking bitter, buddy is not exaggerating, not dead also peeled three layers of skin.”

At this time, someone in the crowd muttered: “Boat good fart, walk the line at least has been standing on the ground, the last kilometre of the boat may have to rely on the swim, we are on the same boat more than sixty people, only half of the shore, the rest do not know let the waves rolled where to go.”

Inch man heard this, shrinking neck, sighing: “Anyway, I really fucking regret, this place which is fucking paradise on earth ah, is simply a human purgatory, that liar agent to come before I said, even if you wash dishes a month can earn seven or eight thousand U.S. dollars, and really wait for me to come after the Chinese restaurant, a bowl are too hateful to be eight people grabbed to wash. “