Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6034

After the two of them had breakfast, Ye Chen drove to the Buckingham Palace Hotel in New York first.

Because he was going to Brooklyn Prison today, he had someone prepare a luxury suite for Chen Zhaozhong first, and the two of them rested in the room for a few moments before Ye Chen received a call from Fei Ke Xin.

On the phone, Fei Ke Xin asked Ye Chen: ”Where are you now, Mr Ye? I’ve almost arranged things, if it’s convenient for you, I’ll come out to meet you now and talk to you about the specific things.”

Ye Chen said, “I’m at Buckingham Palace now, come over directly.”

Ten minutes later, Fei Ke Xin hurriedly arrived.

As soon as they met, she respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, I’ve already prepared the identity you wanted.”

With that, she took out a passport and handed it to Ye Chen, “This is a Malaysian identity, you can call yourself a Malaysian Chinese to the outside world, and the identity has no entry record in the United States, in this way, it can also increase the security of this identity, so as not to be detected by people who have the intention to find out the horse’s foot.”

Ye Chen nodded, took the passport and opened it to have a look, the photo was his own photo, and the name was Chen,Ye, which was the alphabetic pinyin of the two sounds of Ye Chen, many Chinese passports used this kind of name, which was not surprising.

Ye Chen saw this passport workmanship is very real, then could not help but ask: “This passport is real?”

Fei Ke Xin nodded her head and said, “This was just made up from the Malaysian Embassy through a relationship, it’s a real passport.”

Ye Chen praised, “The Fei family is really handy in New York.”

Fei Ke Xin guffawed and said, “Since it’s your needs, Mr Ye, then Ke Xin will naturally try to satisfy them by all means.”

Said, she also said to Ye Chen: “By the way Mr Ye, I have arranged for the eyes of the Immigration Bureau over there, if you are ready, they will be illegal immigrants and suspected of multiple thefts as the reason for your arrest, and then accelerated through the internal fast-track to the Brooklyn Prison to wait for the Immigration Bureau to the next step in the action, illegal immigrants caught breaking the law and sent directly to prison, this situation is still very common in the United States. United States is still very common, after all, there are too many illegal immigrants in the United States, and the regular process simply can’t cope with it, so most of them are first arrested and sent to prison, and then see if they are repatriated or kicked out, or stay in prison, so you should not be suspected if you go in with this background.”

Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Then I’ll be able to enter Brooklyn Prison today?”

“Right.” Fei Ke Xin nodded, “I just asked within the Fei family, in Brooklyn Prison, we can also find someone who can cooperate, he is the person in charge of Brooklyn Prison’s first ward, he can help you quickly complete the process of entering the prison, however – the entire Brooklyn Prison, is actually controlled by the Rothschild family, and most of the people inside are their eyes and ears, and I’m afraid of startling the snakes, so I didn’t let anyone consult that person about Peter Zhou, but if you need it, I can let someone try.”

Ye Chen shook his head and said, “It’s better not to inquire about it, and lest it leaks out.”

Fei Ke Xin asked again, “Then how long do you plan to go in for this time? If you finish your business and are ready to come out, give me a call at any time, I’ll have someone from the Immigration Bureau go over and pick you up, and then tell the prison that they’re going to repatriate you back to Malaysia, and this matter won’t cause other people to be suspicious.”

Ye Chen said, “For the time being, I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay, let’s talk about it after it’s done, it’s not too early now, there are some processes that need to be taken for the Immigration Bureau to arrest someone and then send them to the prison, why don’t Miss Fei just arrange for the people on the side of the Immigration Bureau to start making preparations now, I’m going to go and wait for them to arrest me in Chinatown.”