Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6032

Ye Chen also felt that he had a point, so he agreed.

The two of them went to the restaurant across the street, ordered some food and drank some coffee, and before a cup of coffee was finished, Fei Ke Xin’s phone call came over.

As soon as the phone call was made, Fei Ke Xin said to Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, I have found out the situation you asked me to check, Peter Zhou was indeed arrested by the FBI four months ago, he was arrested because he messed with the Rothschild family, and it was also the Rothschild family that made the FBI arrest the person.”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Rothschild family? Is it a direct line or a side line?”

“Direct line.” Fei Ke Xin said, “It is said that the rank is quite high, and should be a core member of the entire Rothschild family.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Then what exactly pissed them off, have you heard anything?”

“No.” Fei Ke Xin said truthfully, “It is said that although the person was arrested by the FBI, it was the Rothschild’s who personally tried him, when the Rothschild’s interrogated him, the FBI was not even qualified to stay at the scene, but it is said that after the interrogation, the Rothschild’s were furious, and they went through their own forces, and put Peter Zhou into the Brooklyn Prison without a trial and for months, has not allowed Peter Zhou’s family or lawyers to see him.”

Ye Chen did not feel surprised, after all, it is the Rothschild family, they are not only rich, and has long been penetrated into the American power elite, in the United States naturally has the ability to have a hand in the sky, catching an individual locked up for them is certainly not a difficult thing, and may even only need a sentence will be enough.

So, Ye Chen asked her, “Putting someone in jail without a trial in a case like this, and not allowing visits, does it mean that they won’t be able to get out in this lifetime?”

“Most likely.” Fei Ke Xin said, “The Rothschild family should be trying to get any clues or results from Peter Zhou’s body, before reaching their goal, he will never be released, even if the best lawyers in the whole of the United States are called over, it’s also useless, once it comes to this kind of situation, they can always buckle Peter Zhou with a threat to the security of the national territory, which would be the same as possessing the imperial sword, and it’s no good for anyone to come.”

Ye Chen asked her, “Does Miss Fei have a way to get him out?”

Fei Ke Xin said with difficulty, “Mr Ye, Ke Xin tell you the truth, in New York, theoretically there is nothing that Fei family can’t do, but the premise is that the Rothschild family has no objections, in New York or even the whole of the United States, if a thing is decided by the Rothschild family, there is no way for anyone to change it, and if I go to fish for a person, everyone I find, will also surely would tell me the thing couldn’t be done.”

Ye Chen smacked his lips, feeling a little difficult in his heart.

The main purpose of his coming to find Peter Zhou this time was to figure out what kind of connection he had with his father, as well as why he had taken the alias of Zhou Liangyun and went to work for the Jinling Jiqing Hall, as well as what kind of connection he had with his obtaining of the Nine Metaphysical Heavenly Scriptures that he did not know about.

But all of this was based on the premise that one had to meet him and come face to face with him.

Nowadays, Peter Zhou was actually sent to prison by the Rothschild family, and even Fei Ke Xin had no way to get him out of prison, which made it really a bit difficult.

Helplessly, Ye Chen asked her, “Miss Fei, if you were to send someone to Brooklyn Prison, could you do it?”