Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6030

When Ye Chen and Chen Zhaozhong parked opposite the antique shop, they found that the antique shop was not open.

At first, Chen Zhaozhong did not notice any problems, after all, it is still morning, very few antique shops open early in the morning.

But Ye Chen, whose eyesight was clearly superior, noticed the abnormality.

He saw the mottled rust on the iron door and handle of the antique shop, which seemed to have been left unattended for some time.

Originally intending to have a cup of coffee across the street, he drove his car to the opposite side of the road and stopped, walking closer to check, only to find that the antique shop had indeed not opened for a long time, and there were even cobwebs hanging above the folded iron door.

Looking in through the window, the displays inside were dirty and appeared to have been unmaintained for days as well.

Chen Zhaozhong on the side could not help but frown, “It feels like this place has been closed for at least a few months.”

“Yes.” Ye Chen nodded, “Didn’t they say that the Zhou family operated many antique shops all over Europe and America? Maybe this place has already given up?”

Chen Zhaozhong glanced at the antique shop next door and found that although the shop still had a closed sign, there were already people moving around inside, so he walked up and knocked on the door and climbed into a conversation with someone.

After chatting, he turned around and came out, saying to Ye Chen, “Young Master, let’s go back to the car and talk.”

Ye Chen realised that Chen Zhaozhong might have inquired about some sensitive clues, so he returned to the car with him.

Only after getting into the car did Chen Zhaozhong say, “Young Master, I just asked next door, and the shop owner said that Peter Zhou was arrested in this shop four months ago, and the shop closed down with him.”

“Arrested?” Ye Chen asked curiously, “Arrested for what?”

Chen Zhaozhong said, “It is said that it is because of fraud, but the shopkeeper next door said that his case is very special, it is not yet the same as the general fraud, when he was arrested, it was the FBI who came to arrest the people, the battle made a big deal.”

“FBI ……”

Ye Chen muttered and asked him, “Uncle Zhong, shouldn’t the police be in charge of cases like fraud?”

Chen Zhao Zhong said, “Not necessarily, those with serious circumstances, those that endanger national security, and those that involve important people and items, it is possible that the FBI will be in charge of them, and since Peter Zhou’s suspected fraud is the one that the FBI came to arrest, it proves that the situation should be quite serious.”

Ye Chen asked, “Did that shop owner just now know about Peter Zhou’s current situation?”

Chen Zhaozhong shook his head and said, “That person isn’t very clear, he only knows that the Zhou family’s antique shops in the US seem to have closed down, as for what’s going on with him right now, that person hasn’t received any news.”

Said Chen Zhaozhong helplessly sighed, said: “I am in New York these years, basically are bored in Chinatown rarely out, do not know anyone, want to inquire about a message can not find a suitable channel.”

Ye Chen pursed his lips and said, “It’s fine, when it comes to things in New York, looking for Miss Fei to ask around should still be reliable, her connections and news channels are definitely much more lucid than both of us.”

After saying that, he took out his mobile phone and called Fei Ke Xin.

The phone kept ringing for seven or eight times before it was finally picked up, and as soon as Fei Ke Xin opened her mouth, she asked, “Old Bai, how is the situation over in Atlanta?”

Ye Chen realised that Fei Ke Xin might not be able to speak very well, and she had completely made up a title, I’m afraid it was because she was with her wife Xiao Churan at the moment.

So Ye Chen asked, “We can talk later if it’s inconvenient for Miss Fei.”