Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6028

Ye Chen waved his hand and said seriously, “What you said are just excuses, in my opinion, the reason why overseas Chinese gangs are rapidly declining is because the bloodlust is gone!”

Saying that, Ye Chen added: “Many of the members of the Chinese gang in the last century came down from the battlefield, after they got off the battlefield and left the army, some of them wanted to see the outside world, so they travelled across the oceans to come here to make a living, and at that time when they came to Europe and the United States, it was a nine-death ride in the Sampan to come here, so they were not afraid of death, and even more so, they weren’t afraid of the Americans, or the Italians in the United States, or the Mexicans, and the Algerians. In their eyes, what is the Mafia? In their eyes, what is the Mafia? What is a Mexican drug lord? When they died nine times and stood on this piece of land, there are only eight words in their life: life and death are not important, if you don’t serve, do it!”

Speaking here, Ye Chen pointed at Ni Dawei and continued, “Then look at you, these so-called second and third generation Chinese, you have long since lost the bloodiness of your fathers! Many of you were even born in the United States, did not have to travel across the ocean to get a U.S. passport, and then drank milk and cola, ate hamburger cereal grew up, even if you are the seed of the wolf, but also long ago to live into a husky, not to say that let you have your fathers’ blood, and now let you sit in the sampan that your fathers came back in the day, and go through their routes once again, you’re afraid that before you even get on the boat your legs have already gone soft! “

Ni Dawei’s head buried deeper.

He knew that Ye Chen was telling the truth.

Back then, his father, who had participated in the Southwest Round War, his old superior came to North America first, and after making some money he invited him to come to the United States to make money, and that was also the time when they, with middle-aged men covered in gunshot holes and bullet scars, set up the Chinese gang in Chinatown, and broke into a world in the United States and Canada.

In those days, North America was like a sponge, absorbing immigrants and illegal immigrants from all over the world, various ethnic groups set up gangs such as spring, only one city in New York, there are no less than one thousand gangs, and when you look at the whole United States, the gangs have to be tens of thousands.

However, the Chinese gangs of that era, the first to arrive, but from the tens of thousands of gangs to kill a bloody road, relying on, is the blood of the bone!

Only, to Ni Dawei their generation, the blood almost disappeared, so the Chinese gang will be in a variety of gangs in the fight constantly losing, constantly retreating, constantly retreating, originally also naive thought, at least there is Chinatown this base camp, but who would have thought that the enemy’s strength has long been devastating, a few adventurous temptation, they will beat them to the rout.

At this moment, Ni Dawei, his heart is already ashamed.

Thinking back to the time when his father was still alive, he never bowed his head to anyone, but when it came to himself, although he inherited the industry he left behind, but this industry in his own hands, but it was quickly built up to nothing.

Thinking of this, he said to Ye Chen with red eyes, “Mr Ye, I, Ni Dawei, swear to you that I will definitely bring back the blood of the Hua Gang!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, stood up and stretched, and spoke, “What’s to be said has been said, I won’t tarry here much longer, in the future you guys have to take care of yourselves, and when you run into trouble in the future, you can only rely on yourselves.”

Both of them nodded their heads, and Ye Chen continued to speak, “Right, there is one more thing, although gangs are rare in the United States, but you still have to restrain yourselves with the morals of the jianghu, always go and eat with the strong and strong, don’t bully the weak and the small, bully and bully the city, and don’t hurt the heaven and the earth, if there is a day when both of you are also as evil as that gang, I will come back to the United States, to end you all with my own hands!”