Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6026

Ye Chen shook his head, not hiding his sarcasm, and said contemptuously, “People like you are not worthy of letting me kill you with my own hands.”

After saying that, he looked towards the middle-aged man who had come with Todd Gilbert earlier and said indifferently, “You should be the second leader of the Outlaws, right?”

The man hurriedly nodded his head like garlic and said respectfully and attentively, “Hello Mr Ye, my name is Anglo Blount, I am the second leader of the Outlaws ……”

After saying that, he hurriedly added: “Mr Ye, you must not think of me and Todd as the same kind of person, he is a person who does not talk about the morality of the jianghu, and his methods are brutal, I have already reminded him many times in a subtle way, just that this person has never known to be repentant, but instead, he has become more and more overbearing, I’m doing things under his hand, and I can’t do anything about it even if I want to change him… …”

Todd Gilbert didn’t expect the second-in-command to go back on his words at this time, and angrily reprimanded, “Anglo, you ungrateful son of a bitch, don’t forget that it was me who brought you up step by step to the position you are in now!”

Anglu nodded his head and said, “That’s right, it was indeed you who promoted me, but that can’t cover up the fact that you have indiscriminately killed the innocent and broken the rules of the gang! Everyone up and down the entire gang has a problem with you, it’s just that you never knew about it! When those innocent people died in your hands, you should have expected that there would be a day when all of them would turn against you!”

Ye Chen looked at Anglu, pointed at Todd Gilbert standing on the chair, and said indifferently, “From now on, you’ll be the head of the Outlaws, and this former boss of yours, you’ll be the one to send him on his way.”

Anglo Blount was slightly stunned, then immediately said respectfully, “Subordinate obeys!”

Then, he looked up at Todd Gilbert, who was trembling in his chair, and faintly said, “Todd, go on your way in peace, and I hope that God will forgive you after you die.”

Saying that, he raised his right leg and violently kicked the chair at Todd Gilbert’s feet.

The chair was knocked down by his kick in response, and Todd Gilbert’s body instantly fell down due to the loss of support.

The rope around his neck was strangled dead in a split second due to the sudden acceleration of gravity, and he was still trying to struggle as he grabbed the neck set with both hands in a deadly grip, but to his surprise, the more his body struggled, the tighter the locking set around his neck was strangled.

The feeling of complete suffocation made his whole person surprisingly awake, he could clearly feel his windpipe being strangled completely unable to breathe, and could also feel his whole body getting hotter and hotter, more and more numb and at the same time more and more swollen.

A crowd of people watched with their own eyes as Todd Gilbert was hanged right in front of their eyes, each and every one of them had their hearts pounding with fear, killing people, they had almost all experienced it, but this kind of more retro execution style killing, they had never experienced it before.

Todd Gilbert, hanging in mid-air, struggled violently for several minutes before his body’s struggles began to weaken significantly.

By five minutes later, his body was almost reduced to instinctive muscle twitching, and his entire body had completely lost consciousness and even basic vital signs.

After a few more tens of seconds, Todd Gilbert’s body disappeared even from muscle twitching, and his entire body transformed into a corpse, swaying in irregular circles in mid-air, as if trying to let everyone see him die.

Ye Chen said to Angelou at this time, “You take the corpse away and deal with it.”

Without thinking, Angrul said loudly, “Please rest assured, Mr Ye, my subordinate will handle it properly!”

Ye Chen nodded, and looked around the week, and spoke, “It’s almost time, those who should go to Syria, immediately prepare to depart, those who stay and continue to operate the gang can first go back to start from looking for finances, in the future, the profits will be submitted once a week, and a debriefing report will be done once a fortnight, and remember my requirements, those who are shady and disobedient will be killed, those who are concealing their income, will be killed, those who are enriching their own pockets, will be killed; Those who secretly collaborate with the enemy, kill!”