Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6024

One of the “emperor penguins” who were warming up to the group said, “Sir, this son of a bitch kidnapped a friend of mine’s son many years ago in order to steal his goods, my friend gave the goods to this son of a bitch, but this son of a bitch killed my friend and his son! A lot of people here know about this!”

  Ye Chen nodded and praised, “You did a good job, are you the boss or the second in your gang?”

  The man hurriedly said, “I am the second ……”

  Ye Chen said to Qiang Zai beside him, “Qiang Zai remember, after this matter is verified, that 75% of their gang, you give him the zero to erase, just charge him 70%.”

  Keung Chai quickly said, “Alright Mr Ye, I’ll make a note of it!”

  The man was overjoyed, a 5% reduction in one sentence, corresponding to the gang’s income of millions of US dollars per month, this was not a small amount.

  At this time, another person in the crowd spoke up, “Sir, I want to prosecute Gilberto! Ten years ago, in order to force an Algerian prostitute to make money for him, he personally killed one of the prostitute’s two children! The child was just five years old at the time!”

  Ye Chen nodded, “Good, I’ll give you a 4% reduction after checking the evidence!”

  Another person in the crowd said, “I’m also going to prosecute! Last year, in order to steal the business of a nightclub, Gilbert brought people to rape and annihilate the wife of that nightclub’s owner in turn!”

  Ye Chen said, “Good, I’ll give you a 3% reduction after verification!”

  The others realised that the concessions were getting smaller and smaller, and for a while they all wanted to report, but Ye Chen reached out to signal the crowd to shut up, and turned to look at the pale Todd Gilberto: “What a few of them said, is it true?”

  Todd Gilberto had been completely scared out of his wits, he subconsciously cried, “I was wrong sir, I was really wrong! I don’t want any fairness, what you say is what you say ………… My son has just come of age …… I beg you to be magnanimous and let him go… …”

  Ye Chen smacked his lips and said with difficulty, “You’re making it difficult for me, after all, I gave you my offer, you’re the one who didn’t want to accept it, to be fair is also something you brought up yourself, you can’t go back on your word in front of so many people, can you?”

  Todd Gilbert fiercely slapped himself seven or eight times and cried, “It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault! From now on, no matter what you say, I will accept it unconditionally!”

  Ye Chen waved his hand, “You said you wanted fairness, I made an exception and gave you fairness, but then you said you didn’t want it, not only are you going back on your word, you’re also wasting my time and energy, if all of them learn from you one by one and each put forward a proposal that they want, and then each of them have to wait for me to give another proposal and then learn from you again to backtrack on the proposal, so do I still have to take this team with me? I don’t have the time to waste. How would I have so much time to waste on you guys?”

  Todd Gilbert trembled and knelt on the ground, although his hands were bound behind his back, he still desperately bowed and kowtowed uncontrollably, and begged bitterly under his breath, “I really know that I’m wrong. …… I beg you to see that I’m a first-time offender, and forgive me this time… …”

  Ye Chen waved his hand, “No way, I’ll give you two choices, the first one, just as you said, let’s take the fair route, but it’s just that I don’t know if your family is enough, after all, you’ve done a lot of evils, and if you really want to investigate it in detail, you don’t know how many lives you have to pay for it, so I’m going to give you one more choice, if you thank me for your crime with your death today, and after your death, the things that you’ve done, I can not be blamed for both.”