Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6023

Wan Brejun nodded and immediately went forward with his own men, removing all the things that were stuffed in these people’s mouths.

  At this time, a gang leader shivered and took off his mouth, “This …… this isn’t fair! If we didn’t kill him and he had an accident himself, why should he still kill us?!”

  As soon as the others heard someone speak their minds, they also hurriedly nodded their heads in agreement, shouting, “Right! It’s not fair!”

  Ye Chen smiled and asked, “What? Did I hear it right, so our New York mob turns out to be a place that talks about fairness?”

  Seeing that his words got a response from everyone, the man gathered his courage and said, “You asked us to go to Syria, and asked us to hand over 75% of our profits to the Hua Gang, this is something that we can do, but you can’t forcibly tie other people’s lives and deaths to ours! If we actively co-operated, and in the end, because of his own reasons, he caused us to have to be buried with him, wouldn’t that be too unfair to us?”

  Ye Chen nodded, “You want to talk about fairness right?”

  The other party nodded heavily, “Right! I want to be fair!”

  Ye Chen smiled and said, “Confirm again, are you sure you don’t want to be fair instead of accepting my offer?”

  The man said without thinking, “I’m sure!”

  Ye Chen laughed, “Alright, then let’s talk about fairness, you first tell me what your name is, which gang?”

  The man then said, “My name is Todd, Todd Gilbert, the head of the Outlaws ……”

  Ye Chen laughed, “Outlaw …… good name.”

  After saying that, he said to Wan Baojun, “Baojun, since this Todd Gilberto likes to be fair, that’s how it is, you take him to Syria first, and then send someone to check out all of his background for me, I want to know whether or not he has ever done anything unfair to anyone else in his life, even if he is just relying on the fact that he’s the head of the Outlaws, and he goes out and doesn’t pay for parking fees, or buys a watermelon, Going down to a restaurant without paying, you also have to find out everything for me, counting all things big and small, as long as it’s more than ten, directly dig a hole in Syria and bury him alive.”

  Todd Gilbert was instantly terrified to the core, and he said offhandedly, “This …… this is too unjust ……”

  Before he could say the word “fair”, he swallowed back himself.

  He knew that if he still opened his mouth at this time to say that this is not fair, it is really a little too unfair ……

  So he could only say resentfully, “Sir, if what you say is fair is so, then I give up ……”

  Ye Chen asked back, “What? Don’t you want fairness? If you’re looking for me to be fair, then I’m also looking for you to be fair on behalf of those who have been treated unfairly by you, so why are you still giving up?”

  After saying that, Ye Chen also said to Wan Baojun, “Oh right Baojun, if you find out that this person has ever harmed the innocent family members of the other party when treating his enemies as well as his competitors, then we will directly treat them in the same way as others, if he kills someone’s wife, we will also kill his, if he kills someone’s son, we will also kill his son as well, after all, this is something that he has asked for, so we have to speak about absolute fairness.”

  Wan Brejun immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr Ye, my subordinate will definitely find out everything!”

  Hearing this, Todd Gilbert’s entire body had turned ashen, and the tendons and muscles of his face and limbs were violently throbbing as far as the naked eye could see.