Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6022

Wan Baojun’s words directly caused this group of mobsters, who were filled with anger just a moment ago, to huddle together in fear and shiver desperately.

This scene was like emperor penguins hugging for warmth and shivering in the bone-chilling Antarctic winds of winter.

Ye Chen secretly laughed in his heart when he saw their scared pissed off appearance.

These gangsters who boasted that they were not afraid of the sky and the earth also had a day when they were scared to death of a dirt dog.

The best way to deal with a dark force like the United States was to eat black.

If he usually pulls a knife and cuts, then you have to pull out a gun and fight; if he pulls out a gun and fights, then you have to kill his whole family.

And, don’t ever be moralistic with them.

Because the vast majority of those who are in this line of work do not speak of morality. Morality is a code of conduct that is even more stringent than the law, and all things that violate the law violate morality, but not all things that violate morality necessarily violate the law.

These gangsters earn every cent, are through the violation of the law to get, they do not even put the law in their eyes, how will they put moral justice in mind?

Therefore, the best way to deal with this kind of person is to be even more ruthless than him.

And Ye Chen knew that to these gang members, his own deterrent power was far from enough.

If he wanted them to be scared from the bottom of their bones, then he had to first build up enough fear in their hearts, but to build up enough fear, he had to first make them fully aware of his own strength, as well as his determination to destroy them.

The upfront cost of doing this kind of thing was simply too high.

Feeding so much effort, if it was only used to subdue a bunch of New York punks, it was really a bit more than worth it.

Therefore, Ye Chen called Wan Baojun over and asked him to come and sing blackface for the gang, so it would be a direct step.

After all, in terms of having more brothers, who could compare to the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace? In terms of killing, these gangsters were even less of a match.

Moreover, they are not equal in front of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace knows their identity, if they want to, they can find them at any time and kill their whole family, it’s not good for them to hide anywhere.

But on the other hand, even if they knew that the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace’s base was in Syria, what could they do? They couldn’t just go to the door and cut down the Ten Thousand Breaking Armies, could they?

Because of this reason, after Wan Brejun said those threatening words, these people were all scared out of their wits.

However, Ye Chen did not intend to spare them so easily, he wanted to establish absolute authority in the hearts of these people.

Thus, he looked around and said to Wan Baojun, “Baojun, later on, you record all of these people’s identity information clearly, and then use the fastest time to find out all of their relatives as well, and once they don’t listen, don’t let go of anyone who is related to them.”

Wan Brejun immediately nodded his head and said, “Subordinate understands!”

Ye Chen also pointed at Keung Chai on the side and said to Wan Baojun, “Also, from now on, if Keung Chai has an accident, whether it’s a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, you’ll kill all and leave none of this gang for me!”

Hearing this, the crowd of people completely tensed up, their noses continuously emitting grunts, as if they had great objections to this decision.

Seeing this, Ye Chen said to Wan Baojun, “Since we are all discussing this together, we can’t keep them from talking, come on, rip off their mouths, let’s listen to what they have to say.”