Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6021

They took Ye Chen’s harsh words even less seriously.

Although they weren’t able to communicate with each other right now, everyone had their own scale in their hearts, and everyone felt that the Hua Gang’s power was just a little bit bigger, and its members weren’t that many, so if it was really a firefight, they wouldn’t be able to compete with so many gangs, and they didn’t have any advantages that would be able to pin them down at all.

At this time, Ye Chen continued: ”You should have noticed that all the gang bosses present today came with their second-in-command, so I will not say anything in the dark, I will say here today about my next arrangement, first of all, after a few minutes, all the current bosses of all the gangs will have to take a boat out of New York and go to Syria, and the position of gang boss will be taken by the second-in-command who comes with them. The second leader who comes along will succeed in passing, but if the second leader refuses to fulfil his due obligations, then this matter will be handed over to this Mr Wan beside me to handle.”

After saying that, Ye Chen looked towards Wan Baojun and said indifferently, “Baojun, you come and talk to all of you.”

Wan Brejun nodded, then took a step forward and stood in front of the crowd in a military stance, saying with a stern face, “Introducing myself, I am Wan Brejun, the Temple Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone on the scene felt as if their heavenly aureole had been pried open hard and then an air conditioner had been used against to blow cold air inside.

Who was Wan Brejun? Even if the gang members didn’t know what he looked like, they must know his legendary story. It was important to know that to the gang members, even if they were mixed up as Sicily’s Island Master, it was not an overwhelmingly awesome segment.

On the other hand, a mercenary king like Wan Brejun, who was extremely strong on his own, had tens of thousands of mercenaries under his command, and was even able to have a permanent base in Syria, was the existence that they admired the most.

It should be known that although these gangs were very brave in the streets, in the eyes of the US government, they were just a bunch of stray dogs rummaging through the rubbish on the streets, and if they really messed with the officials, there would be no end other than death. And there is no gang that can have its own permanent base in the United States.

But the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was different, the fact that they had a legitimate base in Syria and had begun to carry out rounds of fortification had long since been staged into countless versions in the jungle and bragged about for several rounds by these punks.

Therefore, when they heard the man in front of them present himself as Wan Baojun, they all asked themselves a question in their hearts, was this man really the godlike Wan Baojun?

At this time, Wan Baojun cleared his throat and continued: ”Just now Mr Ye’s words, you should have heard them all, I’m here to talk to you in detail about the consequences of disobeying Mr Ye, people who go to Syria and dare to disobey Mr Ye, the circumstances of bad circumstances will be directly executed, and the circumstances of minor circumstances, you have to chop off your hands first, chop off both feet afterwards, and chop off all your limbs If it’s still not enough, then it’ll be borne by the immediate family members, and execute the order with reference to the order of heirs under American law;”

Saying that, Wan Baojun added: “In addition to that, those who stay in New York to rule the gangs, once they disobey Mr Ye, I, Wan Baojun, swear to the heavens that I will let the generals of Ten Thousand Dragons Palace exterminate his entire family! After that, if even one dog can escape alive from his house, I, Wan Brojun, will cut myself to thank Mr Ye for his offence!”