Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6020

In order to minimise these people’s hatred towards him, the first thing he did after he effortlessly jumped up to the first floor was to immediately take off the hat he was wearing.

It didn’t matter that this one was still on, it was even more so that the others were too shocked to speak, because they could all see that both of Antonio’s ears were gone, leaving only bloody scars.

By this point, it didn’t take much thought to know that Antonio must have been subjected to inhuman torture, so everyone understood in their hearts that in fact, the one who tricked himself into coming here today and tied him up was someone else.

Just at this time, Ye Chen and Wan Baojun stepped up the stairs one after the other.

These people had all seen Ye Chen on the ground floor before, but no one knew what, exactly, Ye Chen was doing.

After Ye Chen walked up and looked around the crowd, the first sentence he said was: “Today, I invite you all to come here to talk about the future of New York’s gang division of power and the distribution of profits, because more people have come, so I won’t give you the opportunity to express your opinions one by one, let’s get straight to the point, from today onwards, all of your gangs have to report their work to the Hua Gang! and on top of that, 75% of all your net income is to be handed over to the Hua Gang on a weekly basis.”

The moment Ye Chen’s words came out, the crowd of people at the scene had their eyes wide open, although many of them had stinky rags stuffed in their mouths, but it could be seen that their expressions at this moment were filled with anger.

Recently, Antonio was having Burning Rose seize the Hua Gang’s territory in Chinatown, this matter was very clear to all the other gangs, and in their opinion, the Hua Gang had almost no ability to resist.

However, now, eyeing Ye Duan’s standard East Asian face, they all thought in their hearts that this was the final struggle of the Hua Gang, the Hua Gang must have been desperate before they found a way to capture Antonio directly in four different ways, and then use Antonio to threaten them, the gang bosses.

To put it bluntly, it is nothing more than holding the emperor hostage.

This approach might have worked in ancient times, but in New York’s gangster society, it’s pretty much useless.

Because although there are hundreds of gangs, large and small, and they have a complex relationship of dependency and subordination between them, in fact, every gang in New York has a heart that will never be a slave.

In other words, they do not want to become anyone’s dependents, the reason why they are dependents, that is entirely because of the current situation, the current situation is not in their own head, they are someone else’s dog, but once the current situation to their own head, anyone is their own food in their mouths, will be their own torn and chewed and swallowed into their stomachs, and then turned into a pile of steaming hot dog sh*t.

So holding the Emperor hostage is naturally useless to them.

Even if Ye Chen killed Antonio in front of them today, they could not truly submit to Ye Chen, at most they would only be soft on the surface, and the first thing they would do after leaving here alive would be to come back with their brothers, with their weapons and kill Ye Chen again, and break his body into pieces.

Moreover, Ye Chen had also said that they should submit to the Hua Gang and pay protection fees to the Hua Gang in the future, so that meant even more that they would be able to leave here alive.

Since this was the case, what was there to be afraid of? Just wait and find a chance to kill back.

Therefore, in the face of the conditions offered by Ye Chen, each and every one of them scoffed in their hearts, plus their mouths were blocked, so they all simply played dumb together.

However, Ye Chen didn’t need their response, and just continued to say by himself, “In addition, you guys listen to me well, each of your gangs must have a full-time finance from tomorrow onwards, make detailed records of all the gang’s revenues and expenditures, and weekly report to the Hua Gang, accept the Hua Gang’s checking of the accounts, and whoever has a problem with the accounts, the first time to chop off his left hand, the second time to chop off his right hand, and the third time, his head.”