Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6019

Amaramovic also knew that Ye Chen’s ability to bypass his own life was already considered to be repaying a grudge in kind, and in this situation, his best option was to take what he could get and stop trying to plead for leniency, or else in the unlikely event of Ye Chen’s change of heart, he would probably get an even worse offer.

With no other choice, he then could only say to Ye Chen, “Don’t worry Mr Ye, when I get to Syria, I will definitely try my best to deeply co-operate with that Commander Hamid and do my little bit ……”

Ye Chen nodded approvingly and said with a smile, “Not bad, not bad, Mr Amanlamovich is on the right track in our Chinese words, in this society, there are not many people who are truly on the right track anymore.”

After saying that, he looked at the time and said to Wan Baojun, “Baojun, it’s dawn, people are arriving one after another almost, contact the boat, then go up and give the guys upstairs a dose of medicine, you can set sail and take them out of the United States.”

Wan Brejun nodded respectfully and asked Ye Chen, “Mr Ye, how exactly does the fierce medicine work, do you have any rough instructions?”

Ye Chen stretched out a finger and said seriously, “I just have one request, to scare them to death, so that no matter if they are taken away by you or left behind, they will be terrified from the moment they have seen you.”

Wan Brejun understood and immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr Ye, my subordinate will definitely grasp it!”

Afterwards, Ye Chen allowed Antonio to hold onto the railing himself, and with a bounce in front, he went up to the first floor first.

He and Wan Baojun, on the other hand, followed behind unhurriedly.

At this moment, those gang members upstairs were still filled with resentment towards Antonio in their hearts.

They almost do not know what happened, only know that Antonio tricked them over and tied them up, it seems to be no good intentions, some people even in the heart of mind, after going out, we have to find a way to get out of the Zano family, if we can find an opportunity to turn against them, we join together to deal with the Zano family, that would be the best.

Of course, the premise is that they have to be able to get out of here alive.

Hearing someone’s heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, these people all stared at the stairway with unblinking eyes, but no one expected that after half a day of this sound ringing and shaking, they still didn’t see who the visitor actually was.

No wonder, Antonio can only jump on one leg, not only is the momentum is very large, but also very inefficient, jumping half a day also failed to jump himself up.

After waiting for a long time, the people above finally saw Antonio’s head.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes were tinged with anger and hatred, because they couldn’t figure out why Antonio had tricked them into coming here and tied them up in five different ways when they were clearly juniors under Antonio, and loyal juniors at that.

Faced with these people’s angry and questioning eyes, Antonio’s heart is also very apprehensive, half of the people here are going to Syria with themselves, in the future, we all lowered our heads and saw each other, and he is no longer sheltered, but also missing a leg, this is to really be bullied by them together, I’m afraid that they will inevitably be unable to turn to the door for help.

These people looked at Antonio with angry eyes, jumping and jumping, jumping for half a day before their heads slowly jumped out from the stairway.

The crowd couldn’t help but be puzzled, unable to figure out what kind of drugs he was selling in his gourd.

But when Antonio finally struggled to jump out of the lower half of his body, everyone realised that one of his legs was broken.

What was even more surprising was that not only was his leg broken, but it hadn’t been treated much at all, and the blood was still red where the injury had occurred, which looked shocking to the eyes.

Antonio had long since lost that mafia leader’s aura and demeanour at this point.