Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6017

  Wan Baojun didn’t know what Ye Chen suddenly let himself come to New York, so as soon as he got off the plane, he didn’t dare to delay for a moment and went straight to Chinatown.

After Wan Baojun arrived, he saw Ye Chen on the ground floor, and immediately said respectfully, “Mr Ye, you are in a hurry to let your subordinate come here, what are your orders?”

Ye Chen pointed to Antonio, said: “This is the boss of the New York mafia, you guys get to know each other, upstairs there are quite a lot of New York gangs who have a face, you will greet them one by one, these people are cheap in their bones, if I handle them alone, they will not be convinced, you have to be famous, have a background, have a team of people in order to suppress them, after daybreak, you will have to be a good person, and you will have to be a good person. them, when it’s dawn, you take him and his minions with you to leave the US by boat, and then transfer to Syria, and hand it over to Hamid directly.”

Wan Brejun immediately nodded his head and said, “Okay Mr Ye, what else do you have to explain to your subordinate or have your subordinate convey to Commander Hamid?”

Ye Chen glanced at Antonio and said, “This Antonio, is an absolute good Sicilian man, but it’s just that his leg is limping, tell Hamid that Syria’s medical conditions are limited, so don’t bother giving him a cure, find a carpenter, give him a pair of crutches and that’s it, Hamid’s side has been constructing fortifications, and there’s definitely a shortage of labourers, and limping a leg doesn’t hold him back from his work. ”

Antonio heard this, hated to die here on the spot, fighting for his life, how could he not expect, he will now fall into this field.

At this time, Ye Chen again asked Strong Boy to go upstairs and bring down Aman Ramovich as well.

Aman Ramovich had seen the world, and the moment he saw Wan Baojun, he immediately recognised him.

At this moment, Aman Ramovich’s heart was naturally shocked beyond measure.

Wan did not expect that Ye Chen could wave at Wan Baojun, last night to now is only a few hours, Wan Baojun can appear in New York in such a short period of time, it is really unimaginable.

Ye Chen let Strong Boy bring Aman Ramovich to the front and authorised Strong Boy to draw the rag out of his mouth.

Aman Ramovich hurriedly said respectfully, “Mr Ye …… you …… what are your orders for me?”

Ye Chen pointed at Wan Baojun and said indifferently, “Haven’t you always been curious about my relationship with the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, now that the Ten Thousand Palace Master is here, let him tell you about it.”

Wan Baojun’s expression flinched, fearing that Aman Ramovich had said something treacherous, he immediately spoke, “Mr Ye, the entirety of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall looks up to you, so if this person speaks out of turn and denigrates the Ye Family, please order your subordinates to teach him a long lesson!”

Amaramovich was scared out of his wits.

It seemed that his guess was indeed correct, it wasn’t the Ye Family that was conquered by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, but rather, it was Ye Chen who conquered the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

As for Wan Baojun, his heart was also sincerely terrified.

When he was at Ye Ling Mountain, he had been so arrogant at night that he had wanted to thwart Ye Chen’s parents, and if it wasn’t for Ye Chen’s generosity and exaltation, he was afraid that his deceased parents would have been implicated because of him.

What’s more, he had broken his own meridians that day, if it wasn’t for Ye Chen’s hand, he would still be an invalid, and how would he have made successive breakthroughs and become a Dark Realm expert.

Therefore, every time he thought of that time, Wan Baojun was ashamed in his heart.

The key Ye Chen and too low-profile, obviously is the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace subjugated to him, he had to declare that the Ye family scattered the family’s wealth to beg the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace to raise your hand, so Wan Baojun heart is even more difficult to avoid fear, he hated to tell the world, is his own loss, but Ye Chen preferred to tell the world that the winner is him.

As soon as Wan Bailun’s words left his mouth, Aman Ramovich was also terrified.