Amazing Son-in-law Chen Chapter 6015

  And the Zano family’s decades of hard work, will also be after this night, by Ye Chen kettle.

Antonio, who had already resigned himself to his fate, could only lament to Daniel at this time, “Daniel, not only us, but also the heads of other gangs, when they arrive one after another, we will all go to Syria together, and set off for departure first thing in the morning.”

Daniel was even more surprised and asked him after him, “Boss, we’re a gang, not mercenaries, what can we do by going to Syria like this? We can’t go to Syria to grab territory, right? The people over there are much fiercer than us, we still use nine millimetre pistols to grab land, they should already be carrying rpgs around over there ……”

Antonio bemoaned, “It’s better to let Mr Ye tell you the specifics.”

“Mr Ye? Which Mr Ye?”

The two listened in confusion, completely unable to understand what Antonio was trying to say.

At this time, a male with an East Asian face walked out of the back kitchen, he looked at the two men and said indifferently, “Starting from tomorrow, all the bosses of the gangs under the Zano family, including you Burning Angels, are to be sent to Syria, and the position of the bosses will automatically be taken over by the second-in-command of the gangs, and at the same time the new bosses are to submit 75% of the gang’s profits to the Hua Gang on a monthly basis, and whoever dares to disobey will be sent to the Chinese Gang too! sent to Syria until an obedient boss is screened out!”

It was as if the two men had heard a big joke, especially Daniel who was even more disdainful.

In his opinion, the Hua Gang was already his underdog, and was about to be completely kicked out of Chinatown, asking himself to pay tribute to the Hua Gang, and to take out 75% of the profits, this was simply a fantasy.

Daniel subconsciously pulled out his pistol, pointed at Ye Chen, and said offhandedly: ”Where are you rubbish from? Such a big mouth! Could it be that you are also a member of the Hua Gang?”

With great speed, Ye Chen smoothly pulled out a chopstick from the chopstick box in front of Antonio, and with a flick of his hand, the chopstick was like a bullet, directly lodged in the side of Antonio’s pistol.

The chopstick was like a bullet, and directly stuck on the side of Antonio’s pistol. With a loud chuā (哽) sound, Antonio only felt his wrist numb, and looked down, the pistol had already disappeared, and immediately after, he heard a thud coming from the wall behind him, and turned his head to see how he was almost scared half to death!

His own beloved Beretta pistol, even by chopsticks from the side of the hard through a hole, directly nailed to the wall!

He looked at Ye Chen in horror, and really couldn’t understand how a human being could use chopsticks made of bamboo to blow through a pistol made of steel! And the sleeve of that pistol as well as the barrel inside, were all high strength just now, even bullets were simply impossible to penetrate, let alone a chopstick!

In an instant, Daniel’s legs went weak with fear, and subconsciously wanted to turn and run away.

But at this time, two men with East Asian faces walked in the doorway, and after they came in, one of them pulled out a pistol and directly pressed it against the back of the two men’s heads.

These two men were Keung Chai and Ngai Tai Wai who were ambushed outside.

Immediately after, the two men tied up Daniel and Mike, and directly brought them up to the first floor.

At this time, Will Johnson and other five people, had already been tied into dumplings and thrown on the first floor.

Not yet waiting for Daniel to figure out what happened, it was Keung Chai and Ni Dawei with twine tied to death, and his mouth was stuffed with a piece of broken rag with oil haram flavour.

Keung Chai kicked him to Will’s side, took an electric kettle filled with water, and pressed the boil button while saying in a cold voice, “I’m warning you, there will be other gang members coming over one after another soon, and all of you are not allowed to make any noise, or else I’m going to pour all of it into his mouth when this kettle boils!”